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Introducing the Game-Changing Acquisition: R.C.N. Solutions Empowers Vetreria Battistella’s Success

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Breaking Boundaries: Vetreria Battistella Thrives with RD Clean Concept from RCN Solutions

In the pursuit of excellence, customer satisfaction plays a pivotal role. It not only validates a company’s efforts but also fuels motivation through positive feedback. Recently, Vetreria Battistella, the esteemed glazier based in Veneto, Italy, experienced an exceptional moment when they welcomed RCN’s visit. Mr. Fabio Battistella himself exclaimed, “RD CLEAN CONCEPT? The best purchase I had ever made!” These words echoed the profound impact of RCN Solutions on Vetreria Battistella’s operations.

A Legacy in Glass Craftsmanship

Vetreria Battistella, proudly representing the legacy of Italian craftsmanship, has served both private and public sectors with utmost dedication. Situated in the industrial hub of Veneto, they offer comprehensive services encompassing production, installation, and personalized projects. Led by Mr. Battistella, a second-generation owner hailing from a family deeply committed to the art of glass, the company thrives by embracing technological advancements while navigating a fiercely competitive market.

Unleashing the Power of RD Clean Concept

Towards the end of 2021, Vetreria Battistella took a significant leap forward by acquiring the RD CLEAN CONCEPT system. With dimensions of 3,000 by 1,400 millimeters, this cutting-edge addition aimed to enhance their existing laminating kiln. Struggling with a different kiln model, the company embarked on a final attempt to revolutionize their lamination process. Fortunately, with the installation of RD CLEAN CONCEPT, their kiln’s performance was truly transformed. The customer’s delight was two-fold: not only did they make a reasonable investment, but they also unlocked the potential of a highly efficient laminating kiln. Thanks to RD CLEAN CONCEPT, the need for a costly kiln replacement was averted, making it a decisive solution for Vetreria Battistella.

The Voice of Satisfaction

Mr. Battistella couldn’t contain his satisfaction and conveyed his gratitude to RCN SOLUTIONS for providing crucial support to their production. His words, simple yet impactful, serve as a testament to the fundamental role played by RCN Solutions in Vetreria Battistella’s journey towards excellence.

A Continuing Quest for Improvement

RCN expresses gratitude towards Vetreria Battistella for their spontaneous feedback. It serves not as a finish line, but rather a driving force to continuously strive for improvement. RCN Solutions remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses and exceed customer expectations.

Source: R.C.N. Solutions with additional information added by Apazone

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