Introducing STRATO® EVA: The Carbon-Free Solution Crafted through an Exclusively Green Process

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STRATO® EVA Carbon Free: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions for the Safety Glass Industry

STRATO® EVA Carbon Free is a revolutionary range of 100% made in Italy products, meticulously designed to propel the Safety Glass Industry towards sustainability. Combining mechanical strength with captivating aesthetics, these products serve as a wellspring of inspiration for innovative architectural solutions.

Unleashing Architectural Possibilities with STRATO® EVA

The exceptional thermal and solar properties of STRATO® EVA interlayers make them invaluable in shaping all-glass architectural creations. By introducing transparency into urban landscapes, these interlayers facilitate the fusion of art and engineering, offering new possibilities for living spaces and revamping existing structures. The integration of cementum, steel, wood, and safety glass presents boundless opportunities for architectural innovation.

Embracing Natural Light and Energy Efficiency

In the pursuit of maximizing daylight penetration and addressing thermal discomfort, the strategic integration of glass has become synonymous with modernity. STRATO® CARBON FREE by Satinal reinforces this symbiotic relationship between art and engineering, propelling the industry towards a more sustainable future.

ISCC PLUS Certification: Championing the Circular Economy

Satinal’s commitment to sustainability is exemplified by the ISCC PLUS Certification, a trusted standard designed for the Circular Economy. Serving as a voluntary add-on for industries without specific regulations, this certification verifies companies’ adherence to environmental standards and ensures traceability throughout their supply chains. Satinal achieves this through its reliance on 100% renewable energy sourced from the pristine waters flowing from the Trentino Mountain peaks, as well as its zero-waste production technology.

A Carbon Neutral Pioneer

Recent comprehensive assessments of STRATO® EVA’s environmental impact, conducted in accordance with ISO standards (ISO 14040:2006 and ISO 14044:2006), have yielded remarkable results. The Carbon Free range has emerged as the leading European carbon-neutral product range, obtaining an impressive ISCC PLUS certification score of 1.13 [kg CO2 eq]. This outstanding achievement surpasses even the best potential competitor’s score of 4.5 [kg CO2 eq]. With a score of 1.13, STRATO® EVA sets a benchmark for environmental excellence, paving the way for a zero-carbon future by 2050.

A Commitment to Quality and Elegance

Satinal SpA, the first EVA film production site in Italy, proudly supplies the industry with 100% made in Italy STRATO® EVA interlayers. Renowned for their exceptional quality, these interlayers serve as ideal partners for high-quality applications, offering aesthetic design solutions and creating laminated glasses that exude modernity and elegance. They provide consistent color uniformity, UV protection, and exceptional color stability over time.

Leading the Green Revolution

In Satinal’s state-of-the-art R&D Lab, quality controls are integral to the manufacturing process. Committed to delivering superior and eco-friendly products, Satinal aligns its vision with the growing demand for sustainability. As discerning customers increasingly prioritize low environmental impact, Satinal remains dedicated to providing a prime quality, green product.

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Source: SATINAL SPA with additional information added by Apazone

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