Introducing STRATO® COVER: The Ultimate Partner for Architects and Designers

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Revolutionizing Design: Satinal Introduces STRATO® COVER for Architects and Designers

Satinal, a company that has always been dedicated to offering the right solutions for laminating glass with STRATO® EVA glass interlayers product range, is taking the concept of design to a new level with the introduction of STRATO® COVER.

With a long-term growth project that seeks to respond to the demands of an increasingly aware international clientele, Satinal’s product portfolio is constantly evolving. The company understands the aesthetic advantages of EVA interlayers, which is why since 2017 they have been producing their own brand of STRATO® EVA Interlayers, 100% made in Italy, meeting the requests of architects and designers from all over the world.

STRATO® COVER is one of the most recent additions to the STRATO® product range. The concept is rooted in local craftsmanship that veneered furniture, offering modern and innovative shapes and textures. STRATO® COVER is an evolution that provides a new key to the design world. While being covered, the glass allows the transmission of light, which creates plays of light and shadow.

This innovative use of glass and its additional components opens up new and interesting applications. STRATO® EVA becomes the crosslinking agent for glass and various types of surfaces and decorative materials, allowing the design of glasses with solid colors, marble effect textures, woven straw or denim effect.

Thanks to the new STRATO® COVER range, architects and designers have multiple possibilities to sign exclusive and unique projects. The range allows for the personalization of all types of glass, even the thinnest one, thanks to a chemical tempering process that increases its mechanical resistance.

As the first STRATO® EVA film production site in Italy, Satinal SpA is a reference point in Europe for the supply of 100% made in Italy interlayers. The application of STRATO® EVA film is a process requiring great precision, and Satinal’s quality controls ensure perfect adhesion of the material to the glass surface.

Satinal’s deep experience in the treatment of EVA-based materials is essential to fully exploit their potential applications and characteristics. With STRATO® COVER, Satinal has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of its clients.

For more information, contact Satinal at, visit their website at, or call +39 031 870573.

Source: SATINAL SPA with additional information added by Apazone

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