Introducing Sparklike Laser Portable 2.1: The Latest Advanced Features for Non-Destructive Gas Fill Analysis

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Measuring Gas Concentration of IGUs: A Cost-effective and Easier Way

Apazone is thrilled to share with you the latest news in the insulating glass industry. Sparklike, the world’s leading manufacturer of gas fill analyzers for insulating glass, launched its renewed Laser Portable 2.1 at the beginning of 2023. This latest version has impressive new features that improve the IGUs measuring experience and enhance the quality of Laser Portable. In this article, we will provide you with detailed information on the changes and improvements made, and the benefits of measuring IGUs.

Why and How IGUs should be Measured?

Insulating Glass Units (IGUs) are designed to provide better temperature control, impacting the energy efficiency of buildings. Measuring IGUs is related to product quality assurance, which is critical in the insulating glass industry. Operators are looking to achieve high-quality products while keeping costs under control. Measuring gas concentration is one way to ensure the sufficient gas fill within IGUs, which improves the certainty of product quality.

Furthermore, the gas fill level of the IGUs needs to be tested before shipping them to customers, as a gas escape can occur due to improper sealing of the IGU. Product liability for the IGU manufacturers and suppliers lasts several years after the initial delivery of the product. Therefore, the need for quality control stretches throughout the product life cycle. IG manufacturers, window and door manufacturers, testing laboratories, building quality inspectors, and construction consultants require insulating glass gas fill analyzers that are portable and easy to use, such as Sparklike Laser Portable 2.1.

Improving the IGUs measuring experience and quality of Laser Portable  

The Sparklike Laser product line was developed to correspond to the changes in the insulating glass industry, where an ever-increasing number of insulating glass units are manufactured with coating on both sides. Sparklike Laser Standard is an offline solution for test laboratories and desktop use. This device was later integrated into a robust case with wheels and a battery for mobility in factories and building sites, and labeled Sparklike Laser Portable. In 2023, the newest version of the device, Laser Portable 2.1, was launched with new features.

New Features of Sparklike Laser Portable 2.1

Compared to the previous model, Laser Portable 2.1 has doubled its operational time by adding a twin battery. Also, the previously optional accessory barcode reader now comes as a default when purchasing the new device. This was made to provide traceability as a basic function, which is important in the current business environment.

Here are the new features of Sparklike Laser Portable 2.1:

  • Twin battery which means the device’s operational time is doubled
  • 12″ capacitive touch screen
  • New transport box to guarantee safer transportation
  • QR-code reader to trace IGUs
  • Main power switch with indicator LED
  • Charger status indicator
  • Gas bottle holder (optional)
  • Redesigned device protective cover (optional)

Improving the IGUs Measuring Experience and Quality of Laser Portable

The new features have been added to improve the IGUs measuring experience and enhance the quality of Laser Portable. According to Mr. Kai Niiranen, R&D Engineer at Sparklike, the main switch and touch screen holder were updated based on user feedback. The addition of the main switch ensures that the device cannot be started unless the main switch is turned on, making it easier for the user. The charger status indicator helps the operator to check the status of the charger while in use.

The transport box was changed to a more protective one to guarantee safer deliveries. Sparklike CARE, an automated maintenance and calibration program, has a new addition: full insurance. To be eligible for insurance, the Sparklike device must be delivered in Sparklike’s official hardcase.

Source: Sparklike Oy with additional information added by Apazone

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