Introducing LIJIANG Glass: Revolutionizing Glass Storage with Intelligent Sorting System

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Introducing the LIJIANG Glass Intelligent Glass Storage Sorting System

Experience a seamless online glass pairing process with LIJIANG’s Intelligent Glass Storage Sorting System. Effortlessly match multiple glasses with different requirements according to the work order.

Sequential Mode: Offline Pairing Made Easy

For offline pairing needs, LIJIANG’s system offers the Sequential Mode. Easily organize and output different glasses that require pairing in a single rack, following the order of the work order.

Efficiency Mode: Boosting Productivity Offline

Prep your glass for edging or color reeling with the Efficiency Mode. Optimize your production process by efficiently handling small batches and sizes, reducing edging openings, and boosting edging efficiency by 1 to 3 times.

Unlock the Potential of Automatic Glass Equipment

Click  here to explore more about the cutting-edge world of automatic glass equipment and how LIJIANG Glass is revolutionizing the industry.

Source:  LIJIANG Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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