Introducing Amy Becker: An Exciting Addition to the FGIA Staff as Glass Products Specialist

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FGIA Welcomes Amy Becker as Glass Products Specialist, Expanding Expertise and Support

The Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) is thrilled to announce the addition of Amy Becker to their team as the Glass Products Specialist, effective May 8. With her remarkable experience and technical prowess, Becker is poised to spearhead various critical initiatives within the organization, cementing FGIA’s commitment to industry excellence.

Elevating Certification Programs and Member Support

In her new role, Becker will take charge of overseeing the operation of the IGCC/IGMA and IGMAC insulating glass certification programs. Additionally, she will serve as an internal auditor for FGIA’s fenestration certification programs. Beyond that, Becker will provide invaluable member support as a staff liaison for glass-focused committees and task groups. Her active representation of FGIA and its members at industry meetings will further strengthen the organization’s influence and collaboration.

A Perfect Fit for the Role

Janice Yglesias, FGIA Executive Director, expressed her confidence in Becker’s appointment, emphasizing her extensive two-decade experience and expertise that make her an ideal candidate for the position. Yglesias also highlighted Becker’s capacity to lead glass technical work, thereby bolstering key areas of growth within FGIA.

Empowering Members through Knowledge and Quality

Becker’s diverse skill set encompasses industry-wide standards development and quality management systems, making her a valuable asset for FGIA’s members and certification licensees. Her proficiency will contribute to the success and advancement of industry professionals.

Eager to Make an Impact

Expressing her enthusiasm, Becker gladly accepted the new position within an association where she has experienced substantial career growth and fostered professional relationships. She eagerly anticipates joining the esteemed FGIA staff and dedicating herself to serving the members and the industry as a whole. Becker’s immediate involvement in the upcoming FGIA Summer Conference in June showcases her commitment to contributing to the association’s continued success.

Collaborative Leadership for Canadian Operations

As part of the FGIA team, Becker will report to Amy Roberts, FGIA Director of Canadian and Technical Glass Operations. Roberts oversees glass-related and Canadian activities, including standards development, industry engagement, product certification, and Canadian regulatory endeavors. The collective expertise of Becker and Roberts will provide a robust support system, particularly in the FENBC Region, while also advancing the Glass Products Council’s initiatives, notably the IGMAC IG certification program, which holds a dominant position in the Canadian market.

Unmatched Experience and Dedication

Becker’s longstanding association with FGIA since 2010, coupled with her previous leadership roles, has afforded her a comprehensive understanding of the organization. She brings extensive experience in FGIA’s product certification programs and technical document development. Prior to joining FGIA, Becker amassed an impressive 23-year tenure at National Certified Testing Laboratories, where she honed her deep knowledge of the fenestration industry. Based in Pennsylvania, Becker will work remotely, leveraging technology to seamlessly collaborate with the FGIA team.

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