Innovative Thin Glass Processing Solutions by CMS: Shaping the Future

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Innovating Insulated Glazing for Optimal Thermal Efficiency: CMS Leads the Way

In the dynamic world of insulated glazing, the pursuit of superior thermal efficiency remains paramount. The challenge? Enhancing insulation without increasing the thickness of insulated glass units.

Embracing Innovation with Ultra-Thin Glass Technology

In response, the insulated glass industry has unveiled an ingenious solution: the integration of ultra-thin glass panels between the outer layers. This innovation has proven highly effective in minimizing thermal transfer. With ultra-thin panels measuring just 0.5 to 1.2 millimetres in thickness, the thermal conductivity of insulated glass units is significantly reduced. This achievement brings their thermal performance in line with exterior walls, revolutionizing energy efficiency.

A Smart Approach to Thickness

The added benefit is the elimination of the need to augment the glazing channel’s thickness. By incorporating ultra-thin glass, the industry strikes a balance between robust insulation and maintaining the established structural dimensions.

CMS: Pioneering Progress

For CMS, staying ahead in the world of innovation means understanding market trends and anticipating shifts. Our commitment is to offer clients cutting-edge solutions that align precisely with their processing requirements.

With a focus on practicality and precision, CMS has developed advanced machinery and technologies tailored to ultra-thin glass processing. Among them, the CMS Speed and Gea horizontal machining centres stand out. These versatile machines excel in tasks ranging from grinding, polishing, and drilling to milling, sawing, engraving, lettering, and chamfering.

Mastering the Art of Ultra-Thin Glass Grinding

Grinding ultra-thin glass presents a unique challenge. The inherent fragility of thin glass demands meticulous handling. As sheet sizes grow, the need for safe, effective processing methods becomes paramount. CMS rises to the occasion, empowering the industry to harness the potential of ultra-thin glass without compromising on safety or quality.

Source:  CMS with additional information added by Apazone

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