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Innovative RD Clean Concept Patented by RCN Solutions: A Breakthrough in Sustainability!

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Introducing RCN Solutions’ Patented RD Clean Concept: The Revolutionary Solution for Clean Edges in Glass Lamination

After months of anticipation, it is now official: RCN Solutions’ RD Clean Concept has been patented in Italy, with an international patent also in the works. With this recognition, RCN Solutions now holds the intellectual property and exclusive rights for the production and marketing of this revolutionary invention.

RD Clean Concept is not just a makeshift solution to prevent the exit of EVA interlayer from glass edges during lamination – it is the result of meticulous material selection and combination. This breakthrough technology offers a host of benefits, including cost savings for large-volume production by eliminating the need for manual cleaning in the final production step. Additionally, operators can avoid handling sharp tools to remove excess EVA.

With the patent in place, customers can trust the authenticity and quality of RD Clean Concept. In recent months, RCN Solutions has observed numerous attempts at imitation and other products masquerading as clean edge solutions, leading to confusion in the market. However, RCN Solutions’ customers have recognized the potential of RD Clean Concept and the company’s professionalism, making it the go-to solution for clean edges in glass lamination.

Choose RD Clean Concept for reliable and efficient glass lamination with clean edges every time.

Source: R.C.N. Solutions with additional information added by Apazone

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