Innovative IR Dynamics Takes Center Stage at Step Change 2023 – Glastory Unveiling

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Unveiling Innovation: IR Dynamics Shines at Step Change 2023 Base Camp

Discover the groundbreaking strides made by IR Dynamics as we make our mark at the Step Change 2023 Base Camp this June. Delve into our journey, vision, and the game-changing thermochromic material revolutionizing the glass industry.

Introduction to IR Dynamics: Pioneering Vanadium Dioxide Thermochromic Material

At the forefront of innovation, IR Dynamics specializes in crafting vanadium dioxide thermochromic material designed for application on glass surfaces. Our commitment lies in reshaping the energy efficiency landscape of the glass industry.

A New Frontier: IR Dynamics Enters the Glass Industry

While we didn’t originate from the glass industry, our presence at the Step Change event is a pivotal step forward. Tyler from VELUX recognized our potential, urging our attendance at this significant industry gathering. This event marks our formal introduction to the glass industry, signaling a momentous transition from the laboratory to the forefront of industry innovation.

Vision for Change: Elevating Glass Energy Efficiency

IR Dynamics brings forth a revolutionary product poised to redefine energy efficiency standards in the glass sector. Our vision extends beyond innovation; we aim to establish the application of our coatings on glass as the industry standard. The journey from laboratory research to industry implementation is a testament to our commitment to progress.

Milestone Achieved: High-Performing, Scalable, and Cost-Efficient Material

Our journey is punctuated by a remarkable milestone — the successful development of a high-performing material that is not only low-cost but also scalable for mass production. After 60 years of research on this product, our chemists achieved a breakthrough last fall, and we are proud to unveil this innovation to the world.

As we step onto the global stage at Step Change 2023, IR Dynamics invites you to explore the future of glass industry innovation. Stay tuned for the full interview and immerse yourself in the possibilities our thermochromic material brings to the world.

Source: Mari Lehtinen | Glaston Corporation with additional information added by Apazone

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