Innovative Brilliance Unveiled: Polflam Introduces a One-of-a-Kind Solution

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Breakthrough: Polflam Redefines Fire Safety with EI 120 Butt-Jointed Glass

In the realm of fire safety, Polflam stands as a beacon of innovation. Collaborating with Jansen’s C4 profile system, Polflam achieved exceptional results in a fire test conducted at Efectis France. The groundbreaking feat? The development of an EI 120 fire-resistant glass solution for butt-jointed applications, marking a milestone unparalleled in the market.

Efficiency Meets Elegance

Polflam’s triumph lies in its slim standard fire-resistant glass, merely 46 mm thick, tailored for butt-jointed EI 120 applications. This glass seamlessly integrates with Jansen’s C4 standard system, eliminating the need for additional expander profiles. The efficiency of this design opens doors to endless creative possibilities.

Unprecedented Performance

During the rigorous fire test, Polflam’s glazed partition system, spanning 1500mm x 3004mm, astoundingly met the EI criterion even after 133 minutes, leading to the test’s premature halt. This remarkable performance showcases Polflam’s commitment to superior fire safety solutions.

Infinite Design Freedom

Polflam’s innovation paves the way for constructing butt-jointed glazing of unlimited lengths. Designers and architects now have the freedom to explore limitless configurations, setting their creative visions ablaze.

Elegance Meets Safety

Polflam’s EI 120 butt-jointed glass solution redefines safety without compromising elegance. If you seek sophistication intertwined with unmatched protection for your projects, Polflam’s groundbreaking solution awaits. Embrace this game-changing innovation and elevate your designs to unparalleled heights.

Source: POLFLAM with additional information added by Apazone

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