Innovative Breakthroughs: MIMSI Materials Takes Center Stage at Step Change 2023

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Unveiling Innovation: MIMSI Materials Steals the Spotlight at Step Change 2023 Base Camp

In the dynamic realm of deep tech, MIMSI Materials stands as a beacon of innovation. As a specialized startup, our expertise lies in the development of transparent materials based on silver alloys, revolutionizing the landscape of Low-E windows and photovoltaics.

Reconnecting, Expanding, Showcasing: MIMSI at Step Change 2023

Join on an exciting journey as we delve into the heart of Step Change 2023 Base Camp this June. Explore the facets of our company, witness our vision unfold, and catch an exclusive interview offering insights into our groundbreaking work.

Alumenate: A Vision in Innovation

At the epicenter of our innovation is Alumenate, a revolutionary material co-developed with Materion. This cutting-edge substance takes center stage in the energy-saving glass domain, specifically tailored for the low-emissivity glass market. The most thrilling aspect? Alumenate is primed for commercial deployment. Engage with us as we engage with potential partners to initiate testing in their production quarters.

Paving the Future: MIMSI’s Vision

MIMSI Materials envisions becoming the de-facto standard for silver materials in the Low-E market. Beyond this, we ambitiously aim to revive the manufacturing of photovoltaics in Europe—a realm that lost its prominence to Asia decades ago. Our innovation is the catalyst for reclaiming Europe’s foothold in this critical industry.

Milestones on the Horizon

Witness our journey unfold as we approach significant milestones. The deployment of the Alumenate Sputter Target marks a crucial step in our trajectory. Simultaneously, in the photovoltaics segment, anticipate a milestone moment— a functional demonstrator in a customer’s device. Stay tuned, as we eagerly aim to achieve this landmark accomplishment by the end of Q2 next year.

As we navigate Step Change 2023, MIMSI Materials invites you to be a part of our transformative narrative, where innovation knows no bounds.

Source: Mari Lehtinen | Glaston Corporation with additional information added by Apazone

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