Impra Enhances Glass Processing Capabilities with Mappi’s MTH Series Convection Furnace

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Reliable, Innovative, and Impeccable: Mappi’s MTH Series Convection Furnace Takes the Glass Industry by Storm

In the modern glass industry, size matters, but so does reliability, flexibility, and energy efficiency. That’s why Mappi’s MTH Series Convection furnace is quickly becoming a game-changer. Josef Bleier, from the Czech Republic-based company Impra, was one of the first to install the MTH and can attest to its capabilities.

“We needed a machine capable of combining large production volumes and great flexibility, and MTH has proven to be exactly the tempering furnace we needed,” Bleier said.

The MTH Series Convection 2600 5000 SUPER LOW E SYSTEM GHBS Xtreme Profile Convection tempering furnace offers impressive production volumes and management flexibility, without compromising on energy consumption. But what really sets it apart is its reliability and innovation.

“We are convinced that what you buy is a relationship of trust with a partner, a relationship that must last for years, just like the working life of a furnace lasts for years,” Bleier added.

Mappi CEO Nancy Mammaro couldn’t agree more: “Our new MTH was born from listening to the specific needs of companies like Impra, market leaders that have a modern vision, and projected towards the future. The feedback from Impra, and from all the companies that have installed MTH in recent months, tells us that the challenge has been won.”

At Mappi, we’re proud to collaborate with market leaders like Impra, and to provide the glass industry with innovative solutions that are both reliable and efficient. With the MTH Series Convection furnace, you can trust that you’re not just buying a machine, but a long-lasting partnership.

Source: Mappi International with additional information added by Apazone

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