Igniting Conversations in the Glass Industry: Paving the Path to Sustainable Growth

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Fireside Chat at Glass Performance Days 2023 Explores Sustainable Growth in the Glass Industry

Tampere, Finland – Just before the highly anticipated Glass Performance Days 2023 Opening Ceremony, Glaston hosted a captivating Fireside Chat. Esteemed keynote speakers at GPD 2023 engaged in insightful discussions, unveiling the path to sustainable growth in the glass industry.

The Pursuit of Sustainable Architecture

Päivi Lindqvist, CFO at Glaston, expertly guided the discussion on the architectural sector’s possibilities within the glass industry. Renowned industry thought leaders, including Bertrand Cazes from Glass for Europe and Christoph Timm from Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) Architects, shared their perspectives.

Bright Horizons for Sustainability

Bertrand Cazes highlighted the industry’s commitment to addressing sustainability and climate change. He emphasized the need for innovative solutions that minimize CO2 emissions during glass production. The industry’s dedication to progress was evident.

Seizing the Crisis for Opportunities

Christoph Timm stressed the importance of crisis-driven innovation. Exploring energy-efficient glass products and carbon-capture technologies, he urged the industry to embrace change gradually, ensuring the right direction for sustainable architecture.

Innovations for Societal Impact

Marko Mökkönen, Director of Industry & Stakeholder Relations at Glaston, led an engaging conversation on innovations transforming societies. Alf Rehn from the University of Southern Denmark and Yasmin Al-Ani Spence from WilkinsonEyre Architects shared their valuable insights. Alf Rehn emphasized the need to prioritize energy-saving solutions over mere façade enhancements. Functionality and efficiency should be at the forefront of architectural design, fostering a sustainable future for all. Yasmin Al-Ani Spence advocated for the revitalization of existing structures, promoting sustainable practices such as building refurbishment. By designing with local materials and focusing on environmental needs, architects can create resilient and efficient buildings.

Integrating Technological Innovations

Pia Posio, VP of Communications, Marketing & IR at Glaston, steered the discussion towards incorporating technological advancements into the glass industry. Tyler Leighton Moersch from VELUX and Sasu Koivumäki, Chief Sales Officer at Glaston, shared their visions.

Tyler Leighton Moersch highlighted the importance of understanding customer needs and creating environmentally conscious experiences. VELUX aims to enable dreams while championing sustainable practices in line with industry trends.

Sasu Koivumäki emphasized the power of automation in improving energy efficiency, optimizing yield, and reducing material waste. He stressed the significance of industry-wide collaboration and platforms like Step Change Base Camp in accelerating technological progress.

Glaston: Pioneering Glass Processing Innovations

With a commitment to a better future, Glaston leads the way in delivering cutting-edge technology, services, and solutions for the architectural, automotive, solar, and display industries. By integrating intelligence into glass, Glaston empowers clients to create safer, smarter, and more energy-efficient solutions.

About Glaston

Glaston operates globally, with a presence in nine countries. The company strives to provide unrivaled expertise and state-of-the-art glass processing technologies, contributing to a sustainable tomorrow. To learn more about Glaston and its innovative solutions, visit glaston.net.

Source: Glaston Corporation with additional information added by Apazone

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