HWI, A Member of Calderys, Pledges Significant Investments in North American Manufacturing Facilities

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Calderys Group’s HWI Set to Transform North American Operations with Substantial Investment Initiatives

Embracing a commitment to elevate its operations, HWI, a prominent member of Calderys, announces strategic investments in its North American manufacturing facilities. These substantial upgrades align with Calderys Group’s overarching strategy to bolster global competitiveness and mark a decisive step in the company’s trajectory of continuous advancements. The collaboration of Calderys and HarbisonWalker International (now HWI) in the past year has positioned them as a high-growth, customer-centric refractories provider with a formidable global scale.

Michel Cornelissen, President and CEO of Calderys, emphasizes the significance of these investments, stating, “Our commitment to investing in the Americas underscores the value we place in our longstanding relationships, particularly with our esteemed partners in the steel industry. These investments are a testament to our vision for sustained growth and leadership as a combined organization.”

Ross Wilkin, Calderys Senior Vice President of Americas, highlights the rapid integration and achievements under new ownership, stating, “In less than a year, we’ve successfully integrated our Americas operations, enhanced our product portfolio, and completed substantial investments in our manufacturing facilities. Our position for future success is robust.”

The investments in HWI’s North American facilities not only reflect a commitment to growth but also align with addressing customers’ evolving needs in the realms of energy transition. By augmenting capacity, refining product quality, and fostering innovation, HWI is strategically positioned to support its customers in navigating the challenges and opportunities of the refractories industry.

Kevin Ballard, Vice President, Operations, and Engineering at HWI, shares insights into the company’s vision, stating, “In 2023, we exceeded HWI’s typical annual capital investments, laying the foundation for a promising future. As a Member of Calderys, HWI is unwavering in its 150+ years of industry leadership, dedicated to our people, customers, and communities, with plans for further investment and growth in 2024.”

Source: HWI with additional information added by Apazone

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