Hegla Makes a Highly Anticipated Comeback to Vitrum

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Hegla Returns to Vitrum with Innovations in Glass Machinery

After a hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, HEGLA, HEGLA-HANIC, and HEGLA boraident are thrilled to announce their return to Vitrum, the renowned glass industry trade fair. With a shared focus on creating added value, these companies are set to captivate visitors with their latest innovations and advancements in glass machinery and functionalization techniques.

ProLam LSR: Revolutionizing Laminated Glass Cutting

At the forefront of HEGLA’s exhibition is the ProLam LSR laminated glass cutting system, featuring a groundbreaking patented laser diode heating system. By precisely applying focused heat to the cutting contour, this cutting-edge technology accelerates the cutting process by over 20%, significantly enhancing productivity. Furthermore, the innovative heating system ensures that the surrounding edge remains cool, minimizing the risk of delamination and enabling continuous cutting without delays.

Improved Productivity and Quality with ProLam LSR

Equipped with the revolutionary laser diode heating system, the ProLam LSR elevates productivity by 20% in terms of pane throughput, while simultaneously enhancing edge quality. This technology has become a preferred choice, with nearly half of all ProLam systems now incorporating the optional diode heating feature. Particularly suited for line solutions with multiple cutting systems and higher automation levels, this cutting-edge technology optimizes cycle times and maximizes the potential of interconnected cutting tables. Additionally, the laser diode’s energy efficiency and long operating life contribute to sustainable and cost-effective operations.

Post-Installation Functionalization for Glass Facades and Windows

HEGLA boraident takes center stage with its innovative post-installation laser functionalization solutions for facades and windows. Addressing challenges such as bird strikes and limited radio frequency (RF) transparency, these cutting-edge technologies provide effective and flexible solutions. With the CELLFree Mobile and BIRDFriend Mobile laser systems, facades can be functionally enhanced on-site, even after years of installation. Through ultra-thin lines, the metallic functional coatings of glass, such as Low-E, are transformed, enabling seamless passage of high-frequency communication waves without signal loss. Moreover, for bird protection glass, precise laser transfer printing creates patterns of small dots that deter birds from collision, eliminate reflective surfaces, and alter UV reflections, ensuring their safety and preserving the glass’s effectiveness for decades.

Streamlined Operations with Future-Oriented ERP System

HEGLA-HANIC presents its fully redeveloped ERP system, designed to optimize glass processing operations. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, this user-friendly and future-oriented solution integrates various processes, from digital order collection and warehouse management to individual machine operations and on-site delivery. With a seamless interface and intuitive design, the new ERP system offers glass processors enhanced efficiency, adaptability, and workflow improvements. Real-time monitoring of ISO and processing lines enables dynamic adjustment of cutting plans, ensuring a well-coordinated and uninterrupted production flow. This comprehensive software solution empowers glass manufacturers to maximize their productivity and achieve operational excellence.

Source: HEGLA GmbH & Co. KG with additional information added by Apazone

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