HEGLA Expands Horizons: Introducing Our New State-of-the-Art Logistics Centre!

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Breaking Ground for a Bold Future: HEGLA’s Revolutionary Logistics Centre Emerges!

In Beverungen, Germany, HEGLA heralds a new era of efficiency with the commencement of its groundbreaking logistics centre. Representing a significant €4.5 million investment, this cutting-edge facility spans 3,000 m², consolidating individual warehouses into a streamlined powerhouse of production and delivery.

Revolutionizing Workflow

Powered by state-of-the-art technology, the logistics centre integrates various warehouse lift systems, mobile pallets, high-bay storage racks, and advanced management software. This seamless fusion optimizes processes, ensuring up to 2,300 pallets find their perfect spot and are readily accessible. Automated labelling and scanning not only expedite tasks but also enable real-time inventory tracking, prompt re-orders, and swift spare parts dispatch.

Centralized Excellence

Uniting raw materials, goods, and parts for three Beverungen factories, the logistics centre becomes the nucleus of HEGLA’s operations. By centralizing logistics and material provisions, HEGLA embraces shorter pathways, streamlined workflows, and heightened efficiency, all while fostering a collaborative environment for employees.

A Vision for Growth

Beyond its functional prowess, the logistics centre encompasses dedicated spaces for offices and social interactions, fostering a modern workplace ethos. According to Managing Director Peter Herrmann, “With the new logistics centre, we are positioning ourselves for the future and enhancing the performance of our warehouse, provision, and production processes.” This strategic move not only propels HEGLA into the future but also paves the way for the company’s continued growth.

September 2024: Where Innovation Meets Completion

After nearly two years of meticulous planning, the logistics centre is set to reshape HEGLA’s landscape, promising completion in September 2024. This bold initiative reaffirms HEGLA’s commitment to ‘Quality Made in Germany,’ ensuring a future where efficiency, innovation, and growth seamlessly intertwine.

Source: HEGLA GmbH & Co. KG with additional information added by Apazone

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