HarbisonWalker International Boosts Competitiveness with Major Upgrades in North American Manufacturing

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Leading glass refractories supplier, HarbisonWalker International (HWI), a key player in the Calderys Group, is set to enhance its North American manufacturing facilities.

HarbisonWalker International (HWI), a prominent supplier of glass refractories and a vital member of the Calderys Group, is embarking on a comprehensive upgrade of its North American manufacturing facilities. This strategic move is geared towards reinforcing the global competitiveness of the Calderys Group and highlighting HWI’s ongoing commitment to progress and innovation.

Michel Cornelissen, President and CEO of Calderys, emphasized the significance of these investments, stating, “Our commitment to enhancing operations in the Americas reflects the value we place on our longstanding relationships, particularly with our partners in the steel industry. These investments showcase our dedication to continuous growth and leadership in the combined organization.”

The investments planned for this year follow a series of successful upgrades in 2023. These included expansions and enhancements at various facilities, such as the Monolithics expansion in White Cloud, Michigan, and capacity increases in Lowellville, Ohio, and Thomasville, Georgia. The incorporation of new press installations in Windham, Ohio, and Vandalia, Missouri, facilities further underlines HWI’s commitment to elevating capacity, product quality, and innovation.

Kevin Ballard, Vice President of Operations and Engineering at HWI, expressed optimism about the future, stating, “In 2023, we surpassed HWI’s typical annual capital investments, and the outlook remains promising as we plan for even more extensive investment and growth in 2024. HWI, within the Calderys family, continues its 150+ years of industry leadership, prioritizing our people, customers, and communities.”

Calderys acquired HWI in February 2023, establishing it as the brand for the group’s Americas region. By June 2023, the company successfully launched the HWI brand, seamlessly integrating its operations in the Americas with HWI.

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