Guardian Glass™ Triumphs: SunGuard SuperNeutral™ SNR 35 Coated Glass Wins Glass Magazine Award

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SunGuard SuperNeutral™ SNR 35 Coated Glass by Guardian Glass™ North America Wins Glass Magazine Award

Guardian Glass™ North America’s SunGuard SuperNeutral™ SNR 35 coated glass has been honored with the prestigious 2023 Glass Magazine Award for Best Glass or Glass Component. This recognition reflects the glass industry’s appreciation for its multifunctional capabilities and exceptional energy performance.

A Winning Combination

The SunGuard SuperNeutral™ SNR 35 coating on clear glass presents a classical, neutral silver aesthetic that impresses at both normal and angular incidences. This winning combination offers architects the attractive exteriors they seek while ensuring bright and comfortable interiors for occupants.

Recognizing Excellence

Katy Devlin, Content Director and Editor-in-Chief of Glass Magazine, praises this year’s winners for demonstrating how glass and glazing can meet sustainability and performance requirements, create safe and healthy environments, and achieve unparalleled feats of design and aesthetics. The Glass Magazine Award recognizes SunGuard SuperNeutral™ SNR 35 for precisely these qualities.

Continued Success

SunGuard SuperNeutral™ SNR 35 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, SNR 50 coated glass, which won the Glass Magazine Award for Best Glass or Glass Component in 2022. The positive response from the glass community underscores the product’s success in serving the needs of customers.

Innovation and Quality

Guardian Glass™ North America, a pioneer in the glass industry, continues to showcase innovation and commitment to quality through products like SunGuard SuperNeutral™ SNR 35. Guardian, Guardian Glass, SunGuard, and SuperNeutral are trademarks of Guardian Industries, LLC.

The image provided is an artistic rendering intended to represent the reflected and transmitted color of the glass under real-use conditions. Actual results may vary.

For more information about SunGuard SuperNeutral™ SNR 35 and other Guardian Glass™ products, visit or contact our sales team at

Source: Guardian Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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