Guardian Glass Introduces Guardian Nexa™: A Breakthrough in Lower-Carbon Float Glass for Europe

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Guardian Glass Revolutionizes the Glass Industry with the Launch of Guardian Nexa™, a Lower-Carbon Float Glass, in Europe

In a pioneering move towards sustainable innovation, Guardian Glass announces the European debut of Guardian Nexa™, a cutting-edge lower-carbon float glass. Following successful pilot production runs, Guardian Nexa™ is set to transform the building facade landscape, offering reduced embodied carbon and unparalleled performance. Developed through extensive research, technical innovation, and manufacturing expertise, Guardian Nexa™ serves as a base or laminated glass for high-performance products, including the renowned Guardian SunGuard™ and Guardian ClimaGuard™ coated glass ranges.

Guardian Nexa™ boasts a significant reduction in embodied carbon, surpassing 30%, with a remarkable 7.0 kg CO2e/m2 for 4mm float glass, compared to standard float glass production. This achievement is complemented by higher cullet content from both internal and external sources. Despite these eco-friendly advancements, Guardian Nexa™ maintains an unwavering commitment to performance and aesthetics, synonymous with Guardian ExtraClear™ float glass.

Environmental stewardship lies at the heart of Guardian Glass’s mission, driving continuous improvement in manufacturing processes and product effectiveness while minimizing resource consumption. Guus Boekhoudt, Guardian Glass Executive Vice President, emphasizes the accomplishment of Guardian Nexa™, achieved through ongoing innovation in manufacturing processes and optimal cullet utilization. Boekhoudt states, “This reflects our dedication to our Environmental Stewardship priorities, including improving energy efficiency and air emissions, and managing resources responsibly.”

For enhanced transparency, a detailed Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Guardian Nexa™ is underway and is expected to be available in Q2 2024. The widened scope of EPDs for Guardian Glass products in Europe since 2021 includes CO2 emissions from production processes, providing customers with a comprehensive view of the environmental impact.

Guardian Nexa™ signifies a transformative leap towards a sustainable future, aligning with Guardian Glass’s commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation. For more information on the availability of Guardian Nexa™, contact a local Guardian Glass sales representative or visit

Source: Guardian Glass Europe with additional information added by Apazone

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