Guardian Glass Enhances Environmental Transparency with New EPDs and Performance Calculator Feature

by Apazone
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Guardian Glass

Guardian Glass, a leading manufacturer of glass products, has recently released updated Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for its flat unprocessed and processed glass products manufactured in North America.

These EPDs provide valuable insights into the environmental impact of their products, aiding architects and glass processors in making informed decisions to reduce carbon footprint.

The new EPDs reveal significant reductions in embodied carbon values compared to previous data, showcasing Guardian Glass’s commitment to sustainability. The cradle-to-gate embodied carbon value for unprocessed flat glass in North America is approximately 1102 kg CO2e/ton, marking a substantial improvement over industry benchmarks and previous values. This lower carbon footprint aligns with the U.S. General Service Administration’s “Low Embodied Carbon Material Standard,” empowering customers to meet stringent environmental requirements.

Moreover, Guardian Glass has introduced a groundbreaking feature to its Performance Calculator tool, enhancing the accessibility of carbon footprint data for glazing configurations. This online tool, integrated into Glass Analytics, enables users to model thermal and optical properties of various glass substrates, coatings, and interlayers. By estimating the embodied carbon equivalent for different glazing combinations, architects and designers can optimize their façade designs for superior performance and reduced environmental impact.

Alan Kinder, Commercial Segment Director in North America, expressed enthusiasm about the increased visibility of Guardian Glass’s environmental impact profile. By empowering partners with comprehensive data on the sustainability of glass products and coatings, Guardian Glass aims to facilitate early-stage decision-making for eco-conscious building designs. The company’s latest EPDs underscore its dedication to Environmental Stewardship and sustainability leadership in the glass industry.

Architects, glass processors, and sustainability advocates can download the new EPDs from the Guardian Glass website and access the Performance Calculator feature through the Resource Hub. This innovative toolset equips stakeholders with the necessary information to drive sustainable design practices and create greener, more efficient buildings.

In conclusion, Guardian Glass’s latest initiatives in environmental transparency set a new standard for the industry, demonstrating a proactive approach towards reducing carbon footprint and promoting sustainable building practices. By leveraging advanced tools and comprehensive data, Guardian Glass empowers stakeholders to make environmentally responsible choices, paving the way for a more sustainable future in architecture and construction.


Source: Guardian Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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