GPI’s Innovative Bottle Design Takes First Prize in Student Glass Packaging Competition

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GPI and MSU School of Packaging Announce 2023 Glass Packaging Design Competition Winners

In a celebration of ingenuity and innovation, the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI), in collaboration with the Michigan State University (MSU) School of Packaging, proudly unveils the winners of the prestigious 2023 Glass Packaging Design Competition.

The Winning Team’s Magnum Opus

Taking the coveted first place is a remarkable team comprised of Lydia Cooper, Katie Dozek, Jacob Graybeal, Abby Ludtke, and Fardowsa Omar. Their winning concept design showcases a whiskey bottle adorned with the iconic Detroit Tigers logo, masterfully embossed into all four sides of the exquisite glass container.

Design Insight: A Glimpse into Glass Packaging

Katie Dozek, an MSU Packaging Design student and a vital member of the triumphant team, shared her thoughts on the project, saying, “The project gave me a better understanding of how much thought really goes into the design of glass packaging. It was something I enjoyed very much, and I hope to pursue design in my future career.” Jacob Graybeal, another talented team member, emphasized the importance of teamwork in the packaging world, likening it to a visually intricate jigsaw puzzle where each piece plays a vital role.

Ardagh Glass Packaging-North America’s Honorable Gesture

Ardagh Glass Packaging-North America (AGP-NA), recognizing the exceptional talent of the MSU competition winners, hosted the winning team and their instructor, Angela Brann, for an enlightening tour of their Winchester, Indiana, glass manufacturing facility. The visit also encompassed a corporate office tour, complete with enlightening presentations by AGP-NA leadership on safety, the art of glassmaking, quality control, and product design. Ardagh further honored the team’s achievement by presenting them with a Lucite model of their exquisite bottle design, destined to join the ranks of models presented to past competition champions.

Gina Behrman’s Vision

Gina Behrman, Vice President of Marketing, Communications, and New Product Development at AGP-NA, expressed her thoughts on the competition’s significance. She stated, “The GPI Academic Program and the annual MSU glass design competition are key to ensuring that the next generation of packaging professionals understand the important role of glass in the food and beverage industry. This year’s winning design found the right balance between creativity and manufacturability, while capitalizing on brand loyalty, and we were honored to host the student design team and their instructor at the Ardagh facilities.”

Nurturing Future Innovators

The competition brought together 44 student teams, assigned randomly, from the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 Packaging with Glass and Metal class. Over the course of the semester, these aspiring packaging professionals delved into the intricacies of glass bottle and jar design and manufacture, demonstrating a commitment to the future of sustainable packaging innovation.

Source: Glass Packaging Institute with additional information added by Apazone

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