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Glaston’s Q3 2023 Performance: A Closer Look at the Interim Report

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Bold Growth and Strategic Shifts: Glaston’s Q3 2023 Report Unveiled

Glaston Corporation, a beacon of innovation in the glass industry, presents its Q3 2023 report, showcasing remarkable achievements amid market challenges. In the period from July to September 2023:

Orders Received: EUR 52.2 million, reflecting resilient market strategies. Net Sales Surge: EUR 53.5 million, marking a 12% increase and highlighting strong demand. Profitability Soars: Comparable EBITA reaches EUR 3.9 million, demonstrating a robust 7.3% margin. Strategic Adaptations and Optimizations

Anders Dahlblom, President & CEO of Glaston, emphasized strategic initiatives undertaken to fortify market presence. Despite market uncertainties, Glaston’s holistic approach yielded positive outcomes. The architectural glass segment witnessed notable advancements, with demand for Insulating Glass equipment witnessing an encouraging uptick. Services, bolstered by an improved order backlog, achieved an 8% growth in net sales.

Charting the Path Ahead

Glaston’s proactive stance is evident in adapting to evolving market dynamics. Key strategies, including a refined customer interface and streamlined operations, have been initiated. These changes, implemented from October 1, are tailored to enhance customer experiences and boost internal collaboration. Safety remains paramount, with Glaston’s dedicated efforts evident in the strengthening safety culture and minimized workplace accidents.

Outlook and Continued Confidence

Amid ongoing market volatility, Glaston remains confident in its offerings and deal-closing capabilities for the upcoming quarter. With an unchanged estimate for comparable EBITA (EUR 13.7−15.7 million), Glaston anticipates marginal growth in net sales for 2023, aligning with its commitment to stability and innovation.

Engage with Glaston’s Leadership

Join Glaston’s CEO Anders Dahlblom and CFO Päivi Lindqvist in an exclusive analyst and press meeting today at 11:00 (Finnish time) to delve deeper into these impressive results. Access the live audiocast https://glaston.videosync.fi/q3-2023-results/register for valuable insights.

For further details, contact:

President & CEO Anders Dahlblom Phone: +358 10 500 500

Chief Financial Officer Päivi Lindqvist Phone: +358 10 500 500

Source: Glaston Corporation with additional information added by Apazone

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