Glaston’s Impressive Half-Year Financial Report for January─June 2023

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Glaston Corporation Shines with Strong Half-Year Financial Report for January─June 2023

Discover the Impressive Performance of Glaston Corporation in the First Half of 2023


  • Orders received: EUR 53.6 (56.2) million
  • Net sales: EUR 55.2 (53.5) million
  • Comparable EBITA: EUR 3.4 (3.5) million, 6.2 (6.6)% of net sales
  • Operating result (EBIT): EUR 1.9 (1.8) million
  • Comparable earnings per share: EUR 0.020 (0.016)


  • Orders received: EUR 110.5 (115.2) million
  • Net sales: EUR 106.5 (105.8) million
  • Comparable EBITA: EUR 6.4 (7.0) million, 6.0 (6.6)% of net sales
  • Operating result (EBIT): EUR 3.8 (4.0) million
  • Comparable earnings per share: EUR 0.039 (0.037)


Despite Market Challenges, Glaston Remains Positive with Strong Order Backlog

Glaston Corporation continues its journey towards achieving its 2025 strategic targets with a focus on executing its strategy and embracing innovation. The company estimates that its net sales will increase in 2023, supported by a healthy order backlog and the growing interest in energy-efficient glass solutions. Despite geopolitical tensions and market uncertainty affecting customers’ investment decisions, Glaston remains committed to its mission of providing superior glass processing solutions.


Glaston’s President & CEO, Anders Dahlblom, acknowledges the challenges posed by the softening architectural glass market in Europe but remains optimistic about the company’s performance. Despite the current market environment, Glaston has achieved reasonably good results in the second quarter, driven by its continuous focus on strategy execution and profitability.

The reorganization plan announced in June aims to enhance the company’s efficiency and accelerate profitability improvement. Glaston’s commitment to sustainability and safety is evident through initiatives such as the Glass Performance Days (GPD) conference and efforts to improve workplace safety.

Despite the prevailing uncertainties, Glaston Corporation’s outlook for 2023 remains unchanged, with a forecast of increased net sales and comparable EBITA.

For the full financial report and in-depth insights, read the attached pdf-file. Glaston Corporation half year financial report January-June 2023

Source: Glaston Corporation with additional information added by Apazone

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