Glaston Marks 40 Remarkable Years of Serving Insulating Glass Clients

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Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence: Glaston’s Insulating Glass Services

In 1983, under the visionary leadership of Karl Lenhardt, the founder of Lenhardt Maschinenbau GmbH (later acquired by Glaston in 2019), Glaston laid the foundation for its Service department. This strategic move aimed to provide dedicated support for their increasingly popular Insulating Glass lines.

Building from Scratch

Jürgen Arnold, the first dedicated employee in the Services team, vividly remembers the early days: “We built up our Service organization from scratch, relying on our colleagues with long-term experience in assembling and commissioning the machines.”

Walter Böhm, one of the founding fathers, emphasizes that Glaston’s Insulating Glass service concept has remained unwavering throughout the years, evolving to meet the demands of changing machine technologies.

A Customer-Centric Approach

From the outset, Glaston has championed a customer-centric approach. In its formative years, the team not only helped establish Services functions but also went the extra mile by installing spare parts warehouses and sharing their knowledge globally.

Overcoming Challenges

In an era without mobile phones, the team relied on landlines to communicate with customers, demonstrating their commitment by even driving to customers’ locations themselves during peak work volumes. These dedicated efforts ensured rapid response times and delighted customers.

Technological Advancements

Glaston’s commitment to innovation extended to its Services department. They offered the first teleservice and transmitted programs with a telephone receiver in a bowl and a 56-k modem during the late 1980s. Today, modern communication tools have revolutionized their efficiency.

Going the Extra Mile

Service nightmare stories include finding a spare parts box filled with rats in a facility basement and persuading a customer with four Insulating Glass lines to stock extra spare parts. Glaston’s motto, “Growing with customers,” exemplifies their enduring dedication.

A Customer Service Legacy

Elmar Volkert, the current Services Director, reaffirms Glaston’s commitment to customer service: “Our Services specialist teams will always be competent contacts for our customers, serving them quickly and comprehensively, just as we have done over the past 40 years.”

Glaston’s journey of excellence continues as they celebrate four decades of unwavering dedication to customers worldwide.

Source: Glaston Corporation with additional information added by Apazone

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