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Glaston Celebrates Successful Achievement of Its First Emissions Reduction Target

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Glaston Takes a Giant Leap Towards Sustainable Business

Glaston, a leading glass processing technology company, has taken a massive step towards reducing its carbon footprint, in line with its strategic focus on sustainable business practices. The company achieved a 43% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from its own operations in 2022, primarily by switching to renewable electricity at its production facilities in Germany and Finland, and investing in a new heat distribution system in Switzerland.

To further promote sustainability, Glaston has set a non-financial target to reduce its direct and indirect emissions (Scope 1 and 2) in relation to net sales by 50% from the 2020 level by 2025. With investments in energy efficiency and renewable electricity, the company has already achieved a 57% reduction in emissions compared to the 2020 baseline.

The Switzerland production facility has installed close to 400 solar panels on its roof with a total capacity of over 150 kWp, which have been producing energy for the factory’s own use since November 2022. Furthermore, the company has calculated the upstream and downstream climate impact of its value chains and is working towards reducing emissions in its entire value chain.

“We want to be a frontrunner in this area and also encourage our customers and suppliers to include emissions reduction in their own agendas,” says Glaston’s CEO Anders Dahlblom. With its commitment to sustainable business practices, Glaston is setting an excellent example for other companies to follow.

Source: Glaston Corporation with additional information added by Apazone

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