Glaston and HEGLA Forge Exclusive Partnership to Boost Glass Machinery Solutions in Asia-Pacific Region

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Glaston and HEGLA, Leading Glass Machinery Innovators, Unveil Exclusive Partnership in Asia-Pacific

In a strategic move set to reshape the glass machinery landscape in the Asia-Pacific region, industry leaders Glaston and HEGLA have announced an exclusive partnership targeting architectural and automotive glass applications. This collaboration, effective from March 2024, aims to amplify the offerings of both entities, meeting the escalating demand for automation and integration in glass processing. The synergy between Glaston and HEGLA promises comprehensive solutions, swifter response times, and enhanced services, empowered by a broader regional network. Notably, the partnership excludes Japan, South Korea, and China, ensuring a focused approach to the majority of the Asia-Pacific market.

Glaston Corporation’s Chief Strategy Officer, Sasu Koivumäki, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “In HEGLA, we have the ideal partner as their complimentary offering will provide a perfect addition to our product range.” The partnership positions Glaston to deliver a complete product range, combining heat treatment and insulated glass production with highly automated shop floor logistic solutions, thereby significantly boosting efficiency and productivity.

HEGLA Group’s CEO, Bernhard Hötger, highlighted the potential for highly customized solutions, stating, “With Glaston, we are able to provide highly customized solutions for clients including the integration of Glaston’s heat treatment and insulating glass production into our highly automated and integrated shop floor logistic solutions in one of the largest and fastest-growing regions of the world.”

Source: Glaston Corporation with additional information added by Apazone

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