Glassman Latin America Conference Gathers Momentum with 22 Distinguished Speakers

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The Glassman Latin America trade show and conference, scheduled for May 15 and 16 at the Santa Fe Expo in Mexico City, is set to feature insights from 22 expert speakers.

As anticipation builds for the Glassman Latin America trade show and conference, a distinguished lineup of 22 speakers has been confirmed to share their expertise at the Santa Fe Expo in Mexico City on May 15 and 16. This event is a focal point for delving into the latest trends and technologies shaping the landscape of the glass manufacturing industry. The conference is strategically designed to address crucial themes vital to the glass production process, ranging from decarbonization and digital manufacturing to energy efficiency and production best practices.

Kicking off the conference with a keynote speech is Arglass CEO Jose de Diego Arozamena, who will delve into the company’s investment plans in a presentation titled “Sustainable Digitalization: Reinventing the Modern Glass Manufacturing Facility.” This sets the stage for an enlightening exploration of sustainable practices and digital advancements in the industry.

The roster of speakers spans the globe and includes distinguished representatives from various facets of glass production. In alphabetical order, the confirmed speakers are AGR, Ametek Land, BDF Industries, Celsian, Condat, Electroglass, FAMA, Forglass, Gerresheimer, GMIC, Interglass, LWN, Marposs, MGFS (x2), Peter Firth, Pneumofore, Rath, Sefpro, Tariq Glass Industries, TECO, and Zippe. Each speaker is poised to bring unique insights and perspectives, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the evolving glass manufacturing landscape.

The conference promises a deep dive into the advancements that are shaping the industry’s future. Attendees can expect a rich exchange of ideas, innovative solutions, and a platform to explore collaborations that drive progress in the dynamic world of glass production.

Source: Apazone

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