Glass for Europe Unveils Policy Manifesto for Europe 2024-2029, Proposing Sustainable Transformation

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Flat Glass Industry Leaders Outline Policy Priorities in Glass for Europe’s Manifesto for the Next Five Years

Top executives representing member companies of Glass for Europe are shedding light on the challenges and opportunities facing Europe’s flat glass sector. The unveiling of the flat glass industry’s policy manifesto for Europe, covering the upcoming five years from 2024 to 2029, is accompanied by a series of five informative videos. As European citizens gear up for the parliamentary elections in June 2024, these videos offer insights into the priorities set forth by Glass for Europe to address the evolving landscape. The manifesto, titled ‘A mandate to focus on enabling sustainable transformation,’ articulates concrete policy recommendations to navigate the dynamic intersection of environmental, industrial, and economic factors.

The period from 2024 to 2029 is poised to be pivotal for the European Union as it implements various legislations under the Green Deal and strives to achieve the 55 percent CO2 reduction target by 2030. Amidst these goals, Europe is likely to grapple with recurrent extreme weather conditions, a complex energy landscape, and heightened global competition, posing challenges to its industry and economy.

The policy manifesto, ‘A mandate to focus on enabling sustainable transformation,’ aims to provide a public-facing vision of the flat glass sector. Through a series of videos featuring executives from flat glass manufacturers and members of the Glass for Europe secretariat, the manifesto outlines the current industrial realities, presents the sector’s vision, and puts forth practical policy recommendations. The overarching objective is to engage with policymakers, offering insights from industry leaders on how targeted policy choices can catalyze sustainable transformation within the flat glass and glazing sector. This initiative seeks to catalyze further policy dialogue, building on the recent participation of Joana Arreguy, Chairperson of Glass for Europe and a representative from Saint-Gobain, in the Clean Transition Dialogue organized on November 30 by European Commission President Von der Leyen and Vice-President Sefcovic.

Source: Glass for Europe with additional information added Apazone

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