Glas Trösch Unveils a Brillant Renovation, Elevating Spaces with Unmatched Super Selectivity

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Timeless Brilliance: The ARBURG Branch Façade Shines Anew

The ARBURG branch in Münsingen unveils a stunning transformation, proving that brilliance doesn’t always demand novelty. A strategic refurbishment focused on enhancing energy efficiency and introducing new glass elements has bestowed the building with a timeless allure.

Strategic Revitalization by H+R Architekten

Renowned for their prowess, Arburg entrusted the remodeling of their Swiss address to the experienced hands of H+R Architekten. The goal was clear: to achieve a modern yet grounded aesthetic while optimizing the building’s energy performance.

Glas Trösch Excellence: SUPERSELEKT35/14T Takes Center Stage

Partnering with the esteemed glass supplier, Glas Trösch, Arburg selected the superior SUPERSELEKT35/14T for the façade makeover. This high-end product boasts a triple silver coating, delivering an optimal blend of maximum solar control and solid light transmission. The result is an outstanding selectivity ratio, setting new standards for performance and aesthetics.

Triple Silver Coating: A Technological Marvel

The triple silver coating of SUPERSELEKT35/14T stands as a technological marvel, ensuring exceptional solar control while allowing ample natural light. This cutting-edge design achieves a selectivity ratio that reflects the commitment to both functionality and style.

Street Appeal Redefined

Beyond its technical prowess, the glass’s external appearance contributes to its allure. With low external reflection and a subtle blue hue, SUPERSELEKT35/14T remains visually unobtrusive, redefining street appeal and adding a touch of sophistication to the ARBURG branch.

In conclusion, the ARBURG Münsingen branch stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of innovative design and practical efficiency. The partnership between Arburg, H+R Architekten, and Glas Trösch has revitalized the façade, creating a luminous and timeless masterpiece.

Source: Glas Trösch with additional information added by Apazone

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