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Glas Dreisbusch Gets First-Ever U-Shaped Glaston VARIO TPS® Line

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The Best Ideas are Born Over Lunch: Glas Dreisbusch Purchases World’s First U-Shaped Insulating Glass Production Line

Glas Dreisbusch, a medium-sized industrial company producing insulating glass in Goldbach, Germany, has recently purchased the world’s first U-shaped insulating glass production line from Glaston, showcasing the company’s dedication to innovation and sustainability. The U-shaped design was developed over lunch by Maximilian Dreisbusch and two Glaston service engineers, highlighting the close partnership between the two companies.

With nearly 100 years of history, Glas Dreisbusch has evolved from a furniture joinery and flat glass trading company to a producer of insulating glass, including double and triple insulating glass units, safety glass, and ready-to-use products such as printed glass, all-glass door systems, and showers. The company is proud to serve medium-sized customers in the Rhine/Main and Franconia region, offering a high-quality mix of products and outstanding delivery reliability.

The Glaston VARIO TPS® 2735 line, purchased by Glas Dreisbusch in spring 2021, features a U-shaped design that allows the company to replace its existing insulating glass production line despite the limited space. The line features two special turning stations that move the glass from one side of the line to the other, thereby creating the line’s unique U-shape. The Thermo Plastic Spacer TPS® technology applied directly to the glass plate enhances energy efficiency in buildings and increases insulating glass product longevity for increased sustainability and reduction of CO2.

The purchase of the Glaston VARIO TPS® 2735 line represents Glas Dreisbusch’s commitment to delivering high-quality insulating glass products and providing customers with unlimited design possibilities for shapes and sizes. The successful changeover to the new spacer system has further convinced the company of the quality, flexibility, and productivity that Glaston offers. Glas Dreisbusch’s trusted relationship with Glaston and the people behind the brand has been an important factor in the company’s success, and the U-shaped insulating glass production line is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation.

Source: Glaston Corporation with additional information added by Apazone

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