Get Ready to Ignite Your Motivation: UK’s Premier Business Speaker Set to Energize the Glazing Summit in a 30-Minute Power Surge

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Elevating Inspiration: Brad Burton, UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker, to Ignite the Glazing Summit

In a much-anticipated coup for this year’s Glazing Summit, Brad Burton, the UK’s premier motivational business speaker, has claimed the spotlight as the headline keynote speaker. Renowned for his vibrant energy and infectious self-deprecating humor, the Salford-born luminary, a four-time bestselling business book author, is poised to catalyze transformation in a mere 30 minutes at the Glazing Summit Keynote.

Decisions that Define: A Life-Altering Challenge

Burton’s challenge to attendees is audacious yet transformative – a call to initiate a decision that will reverberate across their business growth, operations, and the very fabric of their lives. Drawing from his own journey, Burton will infuse his Manchester Motivation, weaving compelling lessons and takeaways that span his remarkable progression, from delivering pizzas at 31 to steering the helm of the UK’s largest interconnected business network. This journey, underpinned by a seismic shift in mindset, ignited his own life’s transformation and continues to steer global organizations like JCB, Costa, and Bentley toward success.

Igniting Excellence: A High-Octane Keynote

The founder of Glazing Summit, Andrew Scott, expresses fervent anticipation for Burton’s presence on the stage. This fifth Summit promises an electrifying half-hour as Burton fuels accelerated decision-making and fosters lasting positive change. Are you prepared to harness every moment and amplify your business’s potential?

Scott’s words resonate: “Prepare to immerse yourself in a groundbreaking keynote that promises happiness, contentment, and triumph in your business endeavors. Each second counts with Brad, a true exemplar of experience, achievement, and, as you’ll witness – unwavering determination.”

Glazing Summit: Pinnacle of Insight and Innovation

Brace yourself for the Glazing Summit, bolstered by Yale as the headline sponsor. The event is set to beckon over 400 industry leaders, converging on October 12th at Birmingham’s Edgbaston Stadium.

Be Part of the Movement: Secure Your Spot

Unveil the path to your own transformation by securing your ticket at, calling 01934 808293, or emailing

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