Gerry Buckley Marks 30 Years of Dedication as A Plus Aluminium’s Esteemed Factory Manager

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A Plus Aluminium Celebrates a Milestone: Gerry Buckley’s 30-Year Journey from Factory Floor to Managerial Excellence

In a remarkable testament to unwavering dedication and expertise, Gerry Buckley commemorates an impressive 30 years of service at A Plus Aluminium. Rising from the factory floor at the company’s trade residential factory in Sandy, Bedfordshire, Gerry has become one of the institution’s most enduring and influential figures.

Commencing his journey at the age of 19, Gerry initially honed his skills on the factory floor, specializing in crimping. Over the years, he traversed through various sections, accumulating invaluable experience in every facet of fabrication. Gerry’s foray into management began when he assumed the role of charge hand for the cut and prep section. Subsequently, he orchestrated a pivotal move to new premises, overseeing the establishment of an additional fabrication plant and team in Harpenden.

Gerry’s outstanding service, unwavering commitment, and wealth of experience were duly recognized when he was appointed as the Sandy factory manager. Tasked with inaugurating a new dedicated residential fabrication plant and storage facility in Sandy, Bedfordshire, Gerry faced the monumental challenge of transforming an empty shell into a fully functional facility. Reflecting on the task, Gerry remarks, “It was a big job, but I relished it. The faith and trust that Steve and Jon (co-directors of A Plus) put in me is hugely flattering. As Sandy factory manager, it was also down to me to use my knowledge and experience to organize the production flow and ensure everything was set up just right.”

Fast forward three years, and A Plus Midlands, as the Sandy factory is now known, stands as a beacon of excellence committed to crafting top-notch aluminium windows, doors, bi-folds, and patio doors for the company’s trade residential clientele. With eight window and door products readily available from stock, Gerry’s leadership has been instrumental in positioning A Plus Midlands as one of the nation’s most dependable manufacturers in the fenestration industry.

Expressing his pride in the 30-year journey, Gerry states, “I am immensely proud of what I have achieved in my 30 years with A Plus, and I am grateful for the opportunities the company continues to provide. It’s a rewarding industry that is ever-evolving, with new products and technology. I urge anyone to consider a career in fenestration.”

Acknowledging Gerry’s unparalleled contribution, Jon Palethorpe, co-managing director for A Plus Aluminium, remarks, “We are extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated and hard-working team, and Gerry is a perfect example of this. His contribution over the past 30 years has helped A Plus expand and develop into the business we are today—one of the largest trade suppliers in the industry. In three years, he has established A Plus Midlands as one of the country’s most dependable manufacturers of high-quality aluminium windows and doors, supplying our trade residential customers. The directors and I thank him for his continued service and commitment.”

Source: Apazone

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