GCA Sets Sights on New Horizons: Expanding into Fresh Glass Markets in 2024

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GCA, Türkiye’s Leading Glass Packaging Manufacturer, Targets Global Expansion in 2024

GCA, a prominent glass packaging manufacturer based in Türkiye, is gearing up for a significant expansion into untapped markets in the coming year. With a focus on digital transformation in recent years, the company aims to broaden its export footprint from 40 to 50 countries in 2024. Dr. Abdullah Gayret, the General Manager of GCA, emphasized the pivotal role of digital solutions in meeting evolving customer expectations and outlined the company’s commitment to leveraging advanced technologies to enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

Navigating the Digital Transformation: In a pivotal move in 2023, GCA prioritized digital transformation, recognizing the changing landscape of customer expectations driven by rapid technological advancements. Dr. Abdullah Gayret highlighted the shift, stating, “Customers now expect not only a quality product but also a seamless purchasing experience. Digital solutions have become a crucial tool for boosting customer satisfaction.” GCA’s proactive approach includes employing advanced customer tools, implementing NPS measurements to gauge customer satisfaction, and introducing innovative systems like the shipping appointment system to elevate the overall experience for business partners.

Smart Production Technologies and Global Expansion: GCA’s commitment to innovation extends to its production processes, where smart production technologies, incorporating image processing systems and high-level automation software supported by artificial intelligence algorithms, are being implemented. Dr. Gayret outlined the company’s successful export ventures in 2023, particularly in the premium spirits glass bottle categories, covering regions like Central America, South America, and Mexico. With around 30% of its business currently covered by exports, GCA aims to further expand its premium spirits glass bottle projects in global markets, anticipating a growth in the share of premium glass bottle products in its overall production in the upcoming year.

Strategic Outlook for 2024: As GCA looks toward 2024, the company is poised for a strategic expansion, targeting new markets and reinforcing its position as a global player in the glass packaging industry. The emphasis on digitalization, customer-centric practices, and innovative production technologies positions GCA as a forward-thinking leader ready to meet the evolving demands of the global market.

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