Furnotherm Surpasses Timeline Expectations, Wrapping Up Haldyn Heinz Glass Furnace Project

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Furnotherm, the Indian furnace engineering expert, has achieved a milestone by successfully completing a container glass project for Haldyn Heinz Fine Glass (HHFG) well in advance of the projected timeline.

In a commendable feat, Furnotherm, the distinguished Indian furnace engineering company, has not only met but exceeded expectations by concluding a container glass project for Haldyn Heinz Fine Glass (HHFG) well before the stipulated timeline. HHFG, a prominent player in the container glass manufacturing sector located in Kosamba, Gujarat, India, collaborated with Furnotherm to revamp and extend its 95 tpd container glass furnace, initially crafted by Horn Glass.

The ambitious project aimed at the demolition of old steel structures, the erection of new steel components, and the installation of 1700 MT of refractories within a challenging timeframe of 39 days. However, Furnotherm’s remarkable efficiency and dedication enabled the completion of the furnace construction well ahead of schedule, marking a significant accomplishment in the realm of glass furnace engineering.

Furnotherm expressed its heartfelt appreciation to the HHFG team and all stakeholders involved in the project, emphasizing that their collaboration and cooperation played a pivotal role in the project’s triumphant conclusion. Without the seamless teamwork and support from all parties, such a successful and timely completion would not have been possible.

HHFG, a joint venture between Heinz Glas in Germany and Haldyn Glass in India, stands at the forefront of container glass manufacturing. The successful collaboration between HHFG and Furnotherm not only underscores their commitment to excellence but also highlights the capabilities of Indian furnace engineering on a global scale.

Source: Apazone

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