Furnace Solutions 2024: Glass Industry Gears Up for NetZero Future with Conference Registration Now Open

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Unlocking the Path to a Sustainable Glass Industry: Registration Commences for Furnace Solutions 2024 Conference

As the glass industry propels towards a NetZero future, the upcoming Furnace Solutions 2024 conference stands as a pivotal platform to address the challenges and opportunities in this transformative journey. Scheduled for June 5 and 6 at the iconic Totally Wicked Stadium, the two-day event will bring together glass producers and suppliers, delving into discussions that aim to shape a more efficient and sustainable future for the industry.

Hosted by the St Helens Rugby League Club in the UK, the conference will feature presentations covering a spectrum of topics crucial to the industry’s evolution. Both glass producers and suppliers will share insights, innovations, and strategies aimed at fostering a more sustainable and resource-efficient glass sector. The conference website will soon provide a comprehensive list of papers, complete with abstracts, offering a sneak peek into the depth and breadth of discussions awaiting attendees.

A unique feature of this year’s Furnace Solutions is an exclusive tour of the nearing-completion Glass Futures building and facilities, providing participants with a firsthand look at cutting-edge advancements in glass technology. Additionally, the Wednesday evening will witness the prestigious Geoff Evans Dinner within the confines of the Totally Wicked Stadium, creating a networking opportunity for industry professionals.

Interested participants can register for the conference and the Geoff Evans Dinner at Furnace Solutions 18 – 2024 – Society of Glass Technology (sgt.org). The registration fee stands at £100 per day for Society of Glass Technology (SGT) members and £180 per day for non-members, with the dinner priced at £38.50. Don’t miss the chance to be part of shaping the future of the glass industry at Furnace Solutions 2024.

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