Formator Marks Two Decades of Excellence and Innovation in Safety Laminated Glass Production

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Formator, a pioneer in safety laminated glass production, celebrates 20 years of global success.

In 2003, Formator Ltd embarked on a mission to redefine safety laminated glass, and today, it proudly commemorates two decades of groundbreaking achievements. Established by IMSA Group GmbH, Formator set out to be a leader in special glasses, dedicated to translating architects’ and customers’ visions into reality. Co-founder Robert Miklus attributes Formator’s success to a dynamic, customer-oriented approach and an unwavering commitment to innovation, contributing to globally significant projects.

Formator’s footprint graces prominent buildings such as “The Shard” in London, “The Vessel” in New York, “Tour Odeon” in Monte Carlo, “Freedom Bridge” in Georgia, and “Doha Airport” in Qatar. Notably, over 80 ships worldwide feature Formator laminated glass, showcasing its diverse applications.

The journey of innovation for Formator reached a milestone in 2007 with the delivery of laminated glasses featuring SentryGlas® for the Ruby Princess cruise ship. This marked a groundbreaking moment as SentryGlas® found its place in the marine sector, renowned for its challenging conditions. Over 12,000 units of “Smart” Glass, utilizing Privastar® glass technology, have been produced since 2009, showcasing Formator’s prowess in dynamic electrochromic glass.

Beyond safety laminated glass, Formator explores diverse materials and interlayers, including polyurethane, EVA, and stiff PVB, offering unique applications such as laminating onyx stone for a church window. The company also leads in the production of electrically heated glasses, particularly for ship wheelhouses, with over 2,500 units installed on 80+ cruise ships. Electrically heated glass, sold under the HeatVision® brand, finds applications in the construction sector as well, aligning with the growing demand for zero-energy buildings.

Looking ahead, Formator remains committed to its vision and mission, consistently innovating to retain its status as a benchmark in the special glass sector. Robert Miklus expresses confidence in sailing towards further successes in the years to come.

Source: Formator Ltd with additional information added by Apazone

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