Forglass Delivers Turnkey Batch and Cullet Plant to Ardagh

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Ardagh Glass Packaging – Europe Sets New Standards in Sustainable Technology with Polish Greenfield Project

Ardagh Glass Packaging – Europe (AGP – Europe) has successfully concluded its latest groundbreaking endeavor in Poland, unveiling a state-of-the-art greenfield project. This remarkable achievement showcases the company’s commitment to sustainable practices, as it embraces cutting-edge technology to reduce emissions and enhance energy and resource efficiency. Greenfield projects of this magnitude are exceedingly rare in Europe, underscoring the significance of selecting the right contractors for this momentous undertaking.

Forglass: The Trusted Partner for Turnkey Solutions

When it came to constructing the batch and cullet plant, Ardagh turned to Forglass, a renowned industry leader in turnkey solutions. From design and engineering to fabrication of all components within their own facility, Forglass provided an end-to-end system that seamlessly integrated into Ardagh’s operations. With a comprehensive range of services, including installation and start-up, Forglass delivered a bespoke solution tailored to Ardagh’s unique requirements.

Efficiency at Its Best: Innovative Features of the Plant

The newly established plant boasts cutting-edge features designed to optimize efficiency and precision. Notably, Forglass introduced Vibe®, an ingenious vibratory dosing feeder, as part of the advanced system for weighing and dosing raw materials. This innovative addition surpasses specified standards, enabling the batch plant to operate a mere nine hours per day while maximizing the furnace’s production output.

Revolutionary Cullet Return System

The autonomous cullet dosing system implemented by Forglass ensures precise dosing across a wide range of ratios, with cullet content ranging from 20 to 80 percent. Furthermore, Forglass’s contributions extend to the cullet return system, where two groundbreaking innovations, SmartScraper® and Selectable Grain Crusher™, elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire process.

SCADA Control System: A Technological Marvel

To empower Ardagh’s operations, Forglass custom-designed a cutting-edge SCADA control system. This system offers an array of functionalities, including user permissions management, real-time PLC status monitoring, precise weighing parameters, three modes of sand moisture measurement, daily batch quality and precision auto-reports, and automatic adjustment of cullet and batch feeding based on recipe quantities. The system ensures reliability through its double redundancy feature and offers four distinct modes for batch plant operation management.

A Remarkable Achievement: Inaugurating Europe’s Premier Container Glass Production Facility

Both Forglass and Ardagh teams take immense pride in the successful inauguration of one of Europe’s largest single furnace container glass production facilities. This state-of-the-art establishment not only sets new standards in the industry but also stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability exhibited by both organizations.

In conclusion, Ardagh Glass Packaging – Europe’s latest greenfield project in Poland showcases their dedication to sustainable technology, with Forglass playing a pivotal role in delivering an exceptional turnkey solution. With cutting-edge innovations and a commitment to efficiency and precision, Ardagh’s new facility emerges as a leader in the field, paving the way for a greener and more environmentally friendly future.

Source: Ardagh Glass Packaging – Europe with additional information added by Apazone

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