Forging a Powerful Alliance: Tecglass and Üveg Join Forces for a Long-Term Partnership

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Tecglass and ÜVEG: A Powerful Partnership Driving Digital Printing Innovation

ÜVEG, the leading glass processing plant in South America, has chosen Tecglass as its trusted partner for the installation of a cutting-edge digital printing line. With a strong focus on delivering top-quality glass products across Latin America and international markets, ÜVEG recognized the need to collaborate with industry-leading machine manufacturers to establish its brand and maintain exceptional standards.

Commitment to Quality and Turn-Key Solutions

ÜVEG’s founders, Mr. Alejandro “Jano” Pedrosa and Mr. Santiago Urmenyi, were impressed by Tecglass’ comprehensive Turn-Key Solution, which not only included the advanced printer but also an extensive range of inks and supporting equipment. This holistic approach ensured the highest level of commitment to print quality, an essential requirement for ÜVEG.

Customized Solutions for Real Needs

One key factor that influenced ÜVEG’s decision was Tecglass’ ability to customize the printer to meet their specific requirements. The Vitro-Jet MultiFlex model, capable of simultaneous two-color printing and high-speed perimeter printing, perfectly aligned with ÜVEG’s production demands and allowed for versatile full coverage and dual-color printing patterns.

Trusted Partner in Digital Printing

TECGLASS’s wide range of machines for various applications, combined with their technical expertise and exceptional customer service, solidified their position as the perfect partner for ÜVEG’s digital printing venture. The positive reports from other Tecglass customers within the industry further reinforced their confidence in the partnership.

Embrace the Digital Revolution

With Tecglass’s cutting-edge digital printing technology, powered by Fenzi Group, ÜVEG is fully prepared to embrace the digital revolution in the glass industry. Together, they are driving innovation, delivering outstanding print quality, and shaping the future of glass processing.

Experience the limitless possibilities of Tecglass Digital Printing Technology today!

Source: Tecglass with additional information added by Apazone

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