Forel Excels at Vitrum 2023, Secures Best Tech Award in ‘Flat Glass Technologies

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Forel, a trailblazer in glass processing machinery, clinches top honors in the ‘Flat Glass Technologies’ category at the prestigious Best Tech Awards during Vitrum 2023.

In a resounding triumph at the renowned Best Tech Awards ceremony held during Vitrum 2023 in Milan, Forel emerged as the proud recipient of the Best Tech Award in the “Flat Glass Technologies” category. The event, held on January 17th, serves as an international platform recognizing companies that have showcased groundbreaking technologies in the glass processing machinery and accessories sector throughout the year.

Guided by Nicola Lattuada, Delegate Councillor and Vice President of GIMAV, alongside CEO Fabrizio Cattaneo, the ceremony featured various categories including “Flat Glass Technologies,” “Robots & Automation,” “Software, Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence,” and “Accessories, Components & Other Glass Technologies.” Following the awards, the GIMAV Assembly proceedings unfolded.

Forel’s Vice President and CEO, Riccardo Vianello, accepted the prestigious award with pride, emphasizing its significance in recognizing the collective efforts of the Forel group and spotlighting Italian technology globally. Vianello highlighted that the glass sector’s technology is largely rooted in Italy and stressed the importance of platforms like VITRUM in showcasing innovations to an international audience. Forel’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation was evident with the exhibition of eight patents, including the acclaimed application of thermoplastic profile.

The ceremony also included a symbolic acknowledgment of VITRUM visitors who actively participated in voting for the awarded companies. Four lucky testimonials were selected to experience a Premium Glass Experience during VITRUM 2025, adding a touch of appreciation for the audience’s contribution.

As the day progressed, the extraordinary GIMAV Assembly delved into future scenarios, ensuring the continued success and development of VITRUM. Fabrizio Cattaneo, GIMAV Director, highlighted the resounding success of the Best Tech Awards, hinting at the probable continuation of the initiative in the next edition of VITRUM.

Source: Forel with additional information added by Apazone

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