Fenzi SpA Secures ISO 28000:2022 Certification Renewal for Excellence

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Fenzi Group Achieves ISO 28000:2022 Certification Renewal, Ensuring Supply Chain Excellence

Tribiano, Italy – August 10, 2023 – The renowned Fenzi Group, a global leader in secondary glass-processing chemicals, proudly announces the successful renewal of its ISO 28000:2022 certification for its Italian headquarters. Through rigorous audits and unwavering commitment, the company has not only met but surpassed the stringent safety standards required for this advanced certification.

Commitment to Safety and Compliance

The headquarters of the Fenzi Group, nestled in the vibrant outskirts of Milan, has once again demonstrated its dedication to ensuring the utmost safety and compliance across its operations. By achieving the highest levels of certification, the Group emphasizes its unwavering focus on the safety of its valued clients, partners, suppliers, and dedicated workforce. This renewal underscores the organization’s proactive approach in managing potential risks and maintaining business continuity.

Comprehensive Approach to Safety

With its ISO 28000:2022 certification, updated to address the evolving challenges of safety supervision and supply chain management, Fenzi has embraced a comprehensive strategy. This includes meticulous management of critical situations, potential threats, and risks inherent in the procurement of raw materials, services, and daily plant operations. Moreover, the certification encompasses aspects such as human movement within production areas and cybersecurity, all to prevent disruptions and ensure timely fulfillment of customer demands.

Empowering a Responsible Future

Fenzi’s dedication to preserving the traceability of supplies and products along the entire supply chain not only streamlines daily operations but also reflects a responsible and transparent approach. By doing so, the company upholds the well-being of its community and stakeholders, positioning their interests at the core of its corporate vision.

Fenzi Group remains committed to pioneering excellence, safety, and innovation across the glass-processing industry, setting new benchmarks for supply chain security and overall operational standards.

For more information about Fenzi Group and its commitment to safety and quality, please visit www.fenzigroup.com.

Source:  Fenzi Group with additional information added by Apazone

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