Exploring Innovation: FGIA Product Showcase Unveils Cutting-Edge Solutions at the 2023 Fall Conference

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Connecting Innovation and Industry Expertise: FGIA’s Product Showcase at the 2023 Fall Conference

Gear up for an electrifying highlight in the fenestration industry calendar! On Tuesday, September 19 at 5:30 p.m. MDT, the stage is set for the FGIA Product Showcase, a standout event during the FGIA Fall Conference in vibrant Denver, CO.

Embrace the Experience: Immersive Product Viewing

The FGIA Product Showcase stands as a testament to innovation and interaction. Enabling conference attendees to immerse themselves in the world of cutting-edge product solutions, this hands-on experience offers a unique chance to see, touch, and engage with advancements up close and personal.

Power of Connection: Networking Extravaganza

Crafted to facilitate meaningful connections, the showcase serves as a networking haven for exhibitors and industry professionals. This captivating networking event and reception, open to all conference participants, creates a hyper-focused platform to explore collaborations and insights that fuel growth and progress.

Secure Your Spot: Exhibit at the FGIA Product Showcase

As the curtain rises on this dynamic showcase, exhibiting companies take center stage. Become an exhibitor to gain direct access to your target audience and spark conversations that drive innovation. To seize this unparalleled opportunity, secure your spot now by registering for the FGIA Product Showcase.

From Success to Triumph: Last Year’s Remarkable Return

Reflecting on the impactful resurgence of this event in the previous year, Florica Vlad, FGIA Events Manager, enthuses, “Last year, we brought back this popular event that had been postponed due to the pandemic, and it was incredibly successful.” The power of in-person interaction is unparalleled, enabling genuine connections and comprehensive discussions that cater to specific business requirements.

Elevated Networking: Face-to-Face Discourse

Amidst the exuberance, the FGIA Product Showcase plays host to crucial dialogues between industry suppliers and their valued clientele. To enhance this immersive experience, light refreshments and an open bar set the backdrop for engaging exchanges throughout the duration of the showcase.

Connect and Explore: A Collaborative Environment

The tabletop exhibits and evening reception are thoughtfully juxtaposed, fostering an environment of fluid interaction and informal conversations. This design ensures that valuable discussions flow seamlessly, inspiring fresh ideas and collaborative pursuits.

Unveil Excellence: Register and Secure Your Presence

Take the lead and be part of the FGIA Product Showcase excitement! A limited number of spots await. With an exhibitor fee of $475 exclusively available to Category 1, Category 2, and GPC supplier members, this exclusive opportunity is a gateway to spotlight your innovations. Additionally, a nominal fee of $50 covers electricity usage.

The Countdown Begins: Act Now

Act swiftly to engrave your company’s name in the spotlight. Reservations and full payments should be completed by September 1 to ensure your presence is showcased across all FGIA promotion for the event. As the event draws near, logistical details and shipping information can be found at FGIAonline.org/showcase.

For comprehensive insights into FGIA’s impactful initiatives and its vibrant spectrum of activities, venture into  FGIAonline.org. Dive into a world where innovation, networking, and industry progression coalesce to shape a brighter future.

Source: FGIAonline.org with additional information added by Apazon

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