Explore Cutting-Edge Diamut Tools at VITRUM 2023

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Unlocking Innovation: Diamut’s Cutting-Edge Tools Shine at VITRUM 2023

Milan, Italy — September 2023 – The stage was set at Milan’s Fieramilano Rho for VITRUM 2023, the renowned international trade fair dedicated to the glass industry’s machinery, equipment, and systems. Amidst the industry’s top-notch players, Diamut proudly presented its latest products, exemplifying the evolution of tools for the discerning visitors.

The 23rd Edition of VITRUM: Where Innovation Converges

For Italy’s forefront figures in glass technology, the 23rd edition of VITRUM was a rendezvous not to be missed. This international trade fair, specializing in the realm of machinery, equipment, and systems for the glass industry, brought together the best and brightest minds in the field.

Gianluca Grianti, Tooling Director at Diamut, expressed their enthusiasm, saying, “We return to Vitrum with our cutting-edge technologies and the unwavering professionalism of our sales team. Vitrum reaffirms its status as a pivotal event in the glass technology sector.”

Exploring Diamut’s Versatile Tool Range

In the bustling Hall 7, Diamut showcased its comprehensive lineup of cutting-edge tools, meticulously designed to deliver superior performance, enhanced productivity, and cost-efficiency. The exhibit featured a diverse range, including cup grinders, peripheral grinders, drills, milling cutters, and slitting discs, all meticulously engineered to harmonize seamlessly with sophisticated glass machining technologies.

Diamut’s relentless commitment to research and innovation has borne fruit in the form of a groundbreaking development—a new cobalt-free binder utilized across their entire product range. This revolutionary binder incorporates environmentally-friendly metal powders, ensuring the health and safety of operators and minimizing environmental impact.

Benefits Beyond Innovation

Users of these cobalt-free powders not only benefit from enhanced performance but also experience advantages throughout the entire tool production process, including the disposal of machining operation waste. This remarkable advancement translates into reduced costs associated with waste disposal, a substantial win for customers and the environment alike.

Diamut’s presence at VITRUM 2023 underscored their dedication to pioneering technologies that shape the future of the glass industry. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and excellence, Diamut continues to lead the way in the ever-evolving world of glass tools.

Source: Vitrum 2023 with additional information added by Apazone

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