Experience the Thrilling World of Ballistic Glass Testing with Andrew Haring

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Andrew Haring Explores the Thrilling World of Ballistic Glass Testing

Introduction: NGA’s Vice President of Business Development, Andrew Haring, embarked on an exciting journey to Texas to test ballistic glass. Not only did he enjoy the experience, but he also seized the opportunity to shed light on the urgent need for bullet-resistant glazing in educational institutions.

Unofficial Testing with NGA Members

Collaborating with representatives from Quikserv, Inc. / United States Bullet Proofing, Andrew Haring conducted unofficial testing (complying with ASTM standards) on UL 752 level 1 and level 8 ballistic glass. The test samples were graciously provided by Standard Bent Glass / SBG Defense, a proud member of NGA. The frame for the glass was skillfully fabricated by Sharp Glass, a member of the Texas Glass Association, an affiliated Chapter of NGA, utilizing sticks from Kawneer Company, Inc., another esteemed member.

Advocating for Safer Schools

While the testing adventure was undoubtedly enjoyable, Andrew Haring emphasizes the paramount importance of using this opportunity to raise awareness about the pressing need for bullet-resistant glazing in schools. In a LinkedIn post, he expressed his firm endorsement of H.R. 887: Securing Our Students Act, a congressional bill that allocates additional funds to equip schools with bullet-resistant doors and windows. These safety measures should meet, at the very least, the new ASTM standard on active shooter attacks.

By combining excitement and advocacy, Andrew Haring is championing the cause of safer educational environments, where bullet-resistant glazing plays a crucial role in protecting students and faculty members alike.

Source: NGA with additional information added by Apazone

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