Experience the Future of Glass Innovation with Glaston at China Glass 2023!

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Glaston, the global leader in glass processing technologies, is dedicated to shaping the sustainable future of glass. Their latest developments will be showcased at China Glass 2023. Below are just some of their groundbreaking innovations that participants will have the opportunity to explore:


Glaston COMFORT’SEALER – New Sealing Robot

Glaston has developed an automated solution for insulating glass unit (IGU) production that eliminates the need for manual sealing. The new COMFORT’SEALER robot upgrades the Glaston IG line COMFORT BOX to an automated production line. The high material dosing accuracy of this sealing robot is due to its convincing gear pump dosing technology. Its volume-controlled dosing function determines the sealing depth and width with precision and applies the exact volume of sealing material required. The high-quality dosing technology is developed in Germany and assembled in China.

TPS® – The Most Flexible Way in IG Manufacturing

TPS® is a system solution for highly efficient insulating glass manufacturing, which simplifies the production process by allowing Thermo Plastic Spacer material to be applied directly onto the glass plate. This eliminates any need to stock different spacer profiles and connectors. The spacer width can be changed during operation without any time loss, making it the most flexible way of producing IG units, multilayer, or solar panels.


Glaston CHF Solar – Combine High Capacity with High Quality

Glaston CHF Solar tempering line provides the best solution for large production series of all glass types. The Vortex heating and convection system is the real key factor in achieving spotless glass quality. It enables unlimited heating uniformity and accuracy with its equally unlimited profiling and heating control.

The modular design of the line ensures high reliability and the lowest downtime. The servomotor-based drive system provides extremely accurate roller speed control and minimized glass gaps to maximize production, with practically zero maintenance required.

Glaston TC Series – Cut Production Costs

The Chinook circulated air convection system used in the TC Series furnaces reduces energy consumption to the absolute minimum, resulting in shorter cycle times and cutting down overall production costs, including manpower costs per square meter. Chinook is the market’s most efficient heating system, minimizing operator input while maintaining constant high capacity.

Glaston’s 50 years of know-how in glass heat treatment technology has been used to create super-tempered, fire-resistant glasses without compromising on yield. The TC Series meets the increasingly stringent global safety criteria for fire-resistant glass and all other demands when super-tempered glass is recommended or obligatory to use.


Glaston CHAMP EVO – An Evolution in Automotive Glass Pre-Processing

The newest CHAMP EVO generation includes high-precision features in a grinding machine, with maintenance costs and wear and tear reduced considerably by using energy-saving, state-of-the-art linear drives that are accurately adjustable and a freely moveable glass holding system for short changeover times. The optimized cell also features lighter moving parts, such as the cutting bridge or grinding table and many other technological improvements.

Glaston MATRIX EVO: The Best Technology for Tomorrow’s Automotive Glass

The new Glaston MATRIX EVO automatic bending furnace offers the best optical quality for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), head-up displays (HUD), and coated glasses when combined with the most complex shapes. The line is specifically designed to meet the most challenging requirements in today’s automotive industry.


Meet Glaston at China Glass 2023, Hall E1, Booth #419!

Source: Glaston Corporation with additional information added by Apazone

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