Experience the Cutting Edge: Vitro Architectural Glass Unveils Innovative Sample Kit for Advanced Low-Emissivity Glass

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Discover Innovation and Efficiency with Vitro’s Advanced Low-E Glass Sample Kit

Vitro, a leader in architectural glass solutions, is proud to present its latest offering: the Advanced Low-E Glass Sample Kit. This comprehensive kit showcases Vitro’s extensive collection of high-performance Solarban® solar control, low-e glass products, allowing design professionals to easily compare and experience their exceptional features firsthand.

Each product sample included in the Advanced Low-E Glass Sample Kit boasts an impressive solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.25 or less. This remarkable characteristic indicates an outstanding ability to minimize the transmission of heat energy from the sun. As a result, these glass products are ideal for façade designs that require effective daylighting control while ensuring optimal thermal performance.

“As building energy codes continue to demand enhanced solar control and thermal performance, especially in the southern region of the United States, the Advanced Low-E Glass Sample Kit simplifies access to high-performing products,” explains Fernando Diez, Director of Marketing at Vitro Architectural Glass. “These proven solutions not only meet or exceed the latest energy code requirements but also add a unique aesthetic touch to your next ambitious project.”

The Advanced Low-E Glass Sample Kit includes an impressive lineup of Vitro’s renowned products, including:

  1. Solarban® R100 Solexia® Glass
  2. Solarban® 90 Clear Glass
  3. Solarban® R77 Solarblue® Glass
  4. Solarban® R77 Atlantica® Glass
  5. Solarban® 70 Solargray® Glass
  6. Solarban® 70 Solarbronze® Glass
  7. Solarban® 70 Optiblue® Glass
  8. Solarban® R67 Optigray® Glass
  9. Solarban® R67 Azuria® Glass
  10. Solarban® 60 Pacifica® Glass

Designed to inspire architects and designers, the sample kit features captivating imagery of specific projects constructed using Vitro’s advanced low-e glass products. Additionally, the kit includes educational inserts that offer valuable insights into Vitro’s glass products, as well as helpful information about their websites and services tailored to building industry professionals.

Ready to experience the future of architectural glass firsthand? The Advanced Low-E Sample Kit is now available for order at vitroglazings.com/advanced-low-e-kit. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your design possibilities and harness the power of Vitro’s cutting-edge low-e glass solutions.

To discover the full range of architectural glass products offered by Vitro and to stay up to date with the latest innovations, visit www.vitroglazings.com. Explore the possibilities and let Vitro’s expertise and superior quality redefine your vision for exceptional building design.

Source: Vitro Architectural Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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