Experience the Cutting-Edge Innovations of Edgetech at Vitrum 2023

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Explore the Future of Glazing with Edgetech at Vitrum 2023

Under the captivating theme “A spacer for all solutions,” Edgetech is set to unveil its remarkable Super Spacer® family at Vitrum 2023 in Milan, Italy. From September 5 to 8, prepare to immerse yourself in cutting-edge advancements that redefine sustainability and elevate architectural design.

Pioneers of Warm Edge Technology

Back in 1989, when the world was just awakening to the concept of sustainability, Edgetech revolutionized the industry with the introduction of Super Spacer®, the first-ever metal-free warm edge spacer system. Even before the era of Low-E thermal insulating glazing, Super Spacer® offered the ability to optimize edge seals thermally. As true pioneers of warm edge technology, they take immense pride in our role in shaping the industry.

Meeting Today’s Demands

Fast forward to the present, and warm edge spacers have emerged as the present and future of energy-efficient glazing. With their exceptional thermal conductivity, outstanding Psi values, and impressive condensation resistance, warm edge spacers have become indispensable in modern construction. Glass has evolved from a functional component to a defining structural and design element, with a plethora of innovative glass solutions catering to diverse architectural needs.

A Spacer for All Solutions

Edgetech believes in staying ahead of the competition by offering a spacer for all solutions in the building envelope. Their flexible Super Spacer® products, featuring structural silicone foam, seamlessly adapt to any manufacturing task and production method. The automatic application of Super Spacer® ensures maximum flexibility and efficiency in insulating glass processing, whether in semi-automatic or fully automatic systems. With millimeter precision, the spacer application robots flawlessly place foam-based spacers, ensuring impeccable edge seals and precisely finished corners. Available in widths ranging from 3.2 to 32 millimeters, Super Spacer® eliminates the need for separate desiccant filling, as it integrates desiccant material within the spacer itself.

Innovations for Specialized Needs

In addition to their renowned Super Spacer® variants for robot-assisted and manual application, they have developed Super Spacer® T-Spacer™ SG, specifically designed to meet the demands of structural glazing and XXL glazing applications. This exceptional product guarantees enhanced parallelism, reduced tolerances, and an overall robust system for large multi-pane insulating glass units.

Unveiling New Possibilities

At Vitrum 2023, Edgetech is proud to showcase a stunning range of new color variants and samples, including captivating ruby and green options. These additions beautifully complement our existing Light Grey, Grey, White, and Black standard colors, highlighting the diversity and endless possibilities of our product range.

Source: Edgetech with additional information added by Apazone

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