Experience Systron Face-to-Face Interaction and Storage Excellence at Arbonia Deggendorf

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Upgrade Your Efficiency: Systron Face-to-Face Setup Plus Storage Systems Revolutionize Arbonia’s Glass Processing

In a strategic move to address capacity challenges in CNC processing, Arbonia Glassysteme GmbH made a significant investment by acquiring a second systron proHD glass processing center in late 2022, complete with an integrated storage solution. This addition complemented the existing proHD unit from 2019, creating a highly compact, flexible, and exceptionally efficient glass processing solution capable of handling glass heights ranging from 120 to 2700mm.

Enhanced Efficiency Through Face-to-Face Setup

Arbonia’s innovative approach involved placing the two systron proHD glass processing centers in a face-to-face setup, enhanced by state-of-the-art automated storage systems. This meticulous arrangement not only streamlined the production workflow but also facilitated shared preparation areas and simplified spare parts management. Moreover, it provided a conducive environment for seamless knowledge transfer during employee training, ensuring operational expertise was readily available.

New Minimum Dimensions, Maximum Benefits

Arbonia’s primary focus lies in interior glass products, including shower doors and various glass systems for indoor spaces, with a growing demand for specialized solutions. To meet this demand, the decision to invest in a second systron 3525proHD, equipped with washing and drying stations, was pivotal. This cutting-edge technology allowed Arbonia to process glass with a minimum height of 120mm, a substantial improvement from the previous 200mm requirement. This reduction in minimum dimensions not only automated a significant portion of the production process but also drastically enhanced efficiency, making production faster and more productive.

Unleashing Flexibility with Waterjet Cutting

Arbonia’s commitment to flexibility and efficiency is exemplified through waterjet cutting technology. With the ability to handle complex glasses in batch size 1, the waterjet system offers versatility, allowing for precise holes and cutouts. As the demand for intricate glass designs continues to rise, Arbonia recognizes the indispensable role of waterjet cutting technology in meeting future challenges.

Seamless Automation with 30-Slot Storage

Systron’s cutting-edge glass storage solutions have transformed Arbonia’s production landscape. The integration of four glass storage units, strategically positioned at the inlet and outlet sides of both the new proHD and the previously installed 2019 proHD, eliminated downtime during shift changes and operator breaks. Thanks to these storage units, the machines can operate continuously, even in the absence of an operator, significantly boosting productivity. With a fully loaded storage capacity lasting approximately 4 hours, Arbonia experienced a remarkable 20% increase in output. The implementation of this storage solution not only optimized operational efficiency but also enhanced ergonomics, enabling operators to work more comfortably and productively.

A Glimpse into the Future: Further Automation Plans

Arbonia’s success story doesn’t end here. Embracing the power of automation, the company has ambitious plans for the future. With the seamless integration of systron’s storage solutions, Arbonia has taken a significant step toward enhancing automation in its production processes. The company’s dedication to innovation and efficiency drives its aspiration to explore additional automation solutions, particularly in tempering and cutting processes. Arbonia’s journey toward a fully optimized, automated production environment continues, promising even greater advancements on the horizon. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Arbonia’s cutting-edge glass processing facilities.

Source: Systron GmbH with additional information added by Apazone

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