Experience Cutting-Edge Training: Sparklike Laser Portable 2.1 Workshop Unveiled at Polypane Glasindustrie in Belgium

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Breaking Boundaries: Sparklike Empowers Polypane Glasindustrie with Laser Portable 2.1 Training

In an exciting turn of events this September 2023, Sparklike conducted an intensive training session at Polypane Glasindustrie in Belgium, unveiling the revolutionary non-destructive insulating gas measuring device – Laser Portable 2.1. This cutting-edge technology promises to redefine quality control procedures in the realm of insulated glazing units (IGUs).

Enhancing Polypane Quality Control

Polypane Glasindustrie, a stalwart in the industry, made a significant stride by acquiring the latest iteration of the Sparklike Laser Portable. With an impressive legacy of nearly two decades, Polypane had previously relied on Sparklike Handheld. However, recognizing the evolving demands of the industry, they opted for an upgrade. The Laser Portable 2.1 not only enhances their existing quality assurance protocols but also opens new avenues for non-destructive insulating gas measurement.

A Testament to Progressive Vision

Franky Symoens, the astute Managing Director at Polypane Glasindustrie, expressed the rationale behind this strategic move:

“We have been closely monitoring the evolution of this device, and we firmly believe that now is the opportune moment to invest. Strengthening our quality control procedures is not just a choice; it’s a necessity.”

Celebrating a Long-standing Partnership

At Sparklike, we are deeply appreciative of Polypane Glasindustrie’s unwavering commitment and long-term partnership. It’s heartening to witness the industry’s dedication to superior IGU quality. Such investments underscore the shared vision for excellence and innovation in our field.

Stay tuned for more updates as Sparklike continues to revolutionize the landscape of insulating gas measurement technology, one breakthrough at a time.

Source: Sparklike Oy with additional information added by Apazone

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