Exciting News: Mappi Appoints Danillo Magi as New Sales Manager

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Introducing Danillo Magi: Mappi International’s New Sales Manager

Mappi International, renowned for its unwavering customer focus and commitment to innovation, welcomes Danillo Magi as the newly appointed Sales Manager. At Mappi, we believe in selecting individuals who not only prioritize customer engagement but also embrace cutting-edge technology with open arms. Danillo Magi embodies these ideals, bringing with him a wealth of experience in the field of flat glass processing machines, coupled with specialized training in electronics and technology innovation.

The Perfect Blend of Expertise

Danillo’s extensive experience in flat glass processing machines positions him as a formidable leader in our team. His proficiency in electronics and innovative technologies applied to various industries further strengthens his role as Mappi’s Sales Manager.

A Vision for Technological Transformation

Danillo understands the transformative power of new technologies in the glassworks industry. He envisions a future where technology revolutionizes the way we work with glass, unlocking unprecedented levels of quality and efficiency.

Nancy Mammaro, CEO of Mappi, Commends Danillo’s Abilities

Nancy Mammaro, our CEO, commends Danillo for his remarkable ability to simplify complex concepts and turn customer needs into innovative solutions. She notes, “He has impressed us with his ability to make the most complex concepts and procedures simple, his ease of getting in tune with customers’ needs and turning needs into solutions.”

Danillo’s Perspective

Danillo, in his own words, shares his excitement about joining Mappi: “I have known Mappi for years, but from the outside. I have to say that seen ‘from the inside,’ I was pleasantly surprised by the passion, constant commitment, and ability to think outside the box. I am sure that ours will be a winning partnership!”

We are thrilled to welcome Danillo Magi to the Mappi family and look forward to achieving new heights of innovation and excellence together.

Source: Mappi International with additional information added by Apazone

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