Exceptional Achievements: Furnotherm Glass Sets Record with Swift Furnace Rebuild Project Completion

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Furnotherm Glass Triumphs: Seamless Rebuild Project for SEVAM

In a monumental achievement, Furnotherm Glass has successfully concluded a pivotal project with SEVAM, a leading manufacturer of container and tableware glass in Morocco.

Swift Furnace Reconstruction: A Triumph of Efficiency

Tasked with the challenge of rebuilding SEVAM’s 210 tonnes-per-day container glass furnace, Furnotherm executed the project with unparalleled efficiency. The scope of work included comprehensive refractories, partial steel structures, stainless steel piping, furnace drilling, glass draining, and meticulous heat-up processes, including cullet filling.

Ahead of Schedule: Furnotherm’s Exceptional Teamwork

Furnotherm’s dedicated team showcased their expertise and commitment, completing the intricate project an impressive 10 days ahead of the stipulated deadline. The project was successfully wrapped up on October 24, 2023, underscoring Furnotherm’s dedication to precision and timely execution.

Gratitude and Acknowledgment

Furnotherm Glass extends heartfelt gratitude to SEVAM group, BDF, and all project stakeholders for their unwavering support and collaboration. Their invaluable contributions played a pivotal role in this remarkable feat, marking a new milestone in Furnotherm’s legacy of excellence.

Stay tuned for more updates on Furnotherm’s innovative solutions and industry advancements, as we continue to redefine standards in the glass manufacturing landscape.

Source: Furnotherm Glass  with additional information added by Apazone

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